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You Want to Why America Is Divided Read This Unconstitutional Lying Piece From The Washington Post
Posted by: Stop The Hate And Lead Democrats ()
Date: February 08, 2021 09:26PM


"The attempt of the House to transmute Mr. Trump’s speech — core free speech under the First Amendment — into an impeachable offense cannot be supported, and convicting him would violate the very Constitution the Senate swears to uphold,” they wrote.( Of President Trumps legal team)

In a brief filing Monday, the managers blasted that free-speech argument as “utterly baseless,” saying that Trump’s false claims and incendiary rhetoric were entitled to no such protection.

“When President Trump demanded that the armed, angry crowd at his Save America Rally ‘fight like hell’ or ‘you’re not going to have a country anymore,’
he wasn’t urging them to form political action committees about ‘election security in general,’ ” they said, quoting the Trump defense’s words.

In sum, the Democratic managers wrote: “The House did not impeach President Trump because he expressed an unpopular political opinion. It impeached him because he willfully incited violent insurrection against the government.”

Total contemptible lies, first the US Capitol attack on Jan 6 2021 began as Trump was speaking , second it was not anywhere to the whole group of those who came peacefully and acted peacefully to hear the president speak then left the area , third "armed" is an exaggeration, yes two people were criminally armed with firearms that were never discharged another with pipe bombs the same out of the several hundred who entered the Capitol never the less these were the most potentially dangerous of the group . Was it stupid of the mass of the group was it un American was it contemptible was it criminal will many members of the group who invaded the constitutional sanctity of the US Capitol with congress in session be held as responsible to pay for their actions before the bar of justice YES but President Trump told his supporters to peacefully and patriotically support their Republican members of congress , that is not a call to arms. Its a US presidents free speech to the American people . Sen. Schumer himself made real threats against the US Supreme Court in front of that court to a mob and yet he's a hero of the left who did no nuffin . Many other Democrats of note have also made threats against President Trump and they also din do nuffin

This is why the nation is deeply divided , President Trump lives in the heads of the Democrat's 24/7 365 and they seethe as a result all because she lost in 2016 when she had the election in the bag. This second impeachment is a revenge hate act and that's it .

Get over it Democrats , you have the majority and the White House so lead constitutionally and responsibly and stop your five years of dividing our American people to weaken this nation

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Re: You Want to Why America Is Divided Read This Unconstitutional Lying Piece From The Washington Post
Posted by: OP's Correction Dept ()
Date: February 08, 2021 10:34PM

I screwed up the title No its not unconsonstitutional to write the story the Post did , its their first amendment right , just as it was Trumps 1st right to say what he did on Jan 6th 2021 , The people acted on their won , Democrats use third party attacks against others when your not a Democrat or do something they want to ban, never against their supporters or causes

Like gun makers who Democrats want sued for actions of third parties in frivolous lawsuits like the Sandy Hook murders , which is the same as suing 7-11 and their clerk because some one bought a Coke and filled it with drugs at home and OD'ed . Then suing Coke too as they made the Coke Same thing, The gun preformed as it was supposed to and was made under the laws of the US and the state legally, the killers mother bought the gun legally , blame Adam Lanza the killer who did it, Not a word from Democrats on that at all.

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