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"This Mask Is As Useless As Our Governor "
Posted by: Words Of Truth ()
Date: January 13, 2021 02:38PM

"This Mask Is As Useless Are Our Governor" words of truth printed in white upon the black mask of Rep Tom McClintok (R) Ca. as he told the truth about Democrats in Congress at their bogus hate impeachment II today in Congress.

Tom repeated words posted here by FXU posters that President Trump did not utter any words to violence at his Jan 6th speech, Instead he firmly told the crowd to peacefully and patrioticly support the Republicans in Congress . Tom correctly told the nation that because Democrats did not condem their supporters who commited acts of violence all last summer of 2020 that they in effect set a set of standards to "peacefully protest" which is indeed commiting felony violent acts which these Jan 6th insurgents did at the US Capitol who were only a part of those who came to Washington DC to hear the President Trump . while during the time of violent acts at the Capitol and after their very leaders the Republicans lead by President Trump said firmly to the American people they condemmed the violence and those who commited violence should be brought to the bar of justice.

Punish the ones who commited violence said Tom and stop trying to "get" Trump

Now hatefilled Democrats pompously and falsely state words of President Trump not upholding the US Constitution and "inciting the riot" lying words that will be later be fully used to describe their actions in 2021 againt the peoples rights under the Constituion

"No Ones Above The Law But Democrat "Peaceful Protestors" and Illegals

Democrats hateful impeachmemt will fail again ! All those Virgina Democrats who vote for the Presdents removal shall prove forever they are the ones not fit to serve in public officer ever again as their hate once again outweighs their ability to reason and defend our constiutution

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Re: "This Mask Is As Useless As Our Governor "
Posted by: Jubal Early ()
Date: January 13, 2021 04:53PM

You know... we also have a useless governor trying to make people wear useless masks.

Why does everyone want the vaccine if we have all these great masks now?

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Re: "This Mask Is As Useless As Our Governor "
Posted by: Hoomer Z Simpson ()
Date: January 13, 2021 05:13PM

"This Mask Is As Useless Are Our Governor"

On behalf The ANTI-defamation League of masks and masks everywhere including surgical,N-95, N-90, gas and halloween we have to note our objection ! Mask stop dust, upper respiratory particles and scare people on Halloween. This is deflamatory and unacceptable to compare any MASK to Ralph Northam. It may also be racist as Ralph is a black face idiot and masks are mostly blue, white and non-binary.

We demand and immediate retraction and apology. Mask work hard for people worldwide and were never developed to stop viruses.

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Re: "This Mask Is As Useless As Our Governor "
Posted by: This Is America ()
Date: January 13, 2021 06:32PM

All I saw from Democrats today were hate and lies, Heal America huh by dividing us Liars !

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