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This November Election Is A Choice Between Freedom Or Oppression
Posted by: Never Vote For The Democrat ()
Date: June 28, 2020 09:32PM

The Democrats are the party of election cheats schemes lies and unconstitutional acts and poor economics , limited US national defense and are war mongers when they bog down with failed policy here in the US that causes economic stagnation

Just this week another Democrat cheat scheme passed the Democrat US House without a single vote from the GOP to give the city of Washington DC with a population half of Fairfax County two leftist Democrat US Senators to help give Democrats a perpetual hold on the US Senate , they lie their asses off as they claim its for voting representation but DC could have been ceded back to Maryland where it came from other then a small Federal District and DC residents could vote for Maryland's senators and another new member of congress

Here's what you will get from JOE

Appointment of Unconstitutional Supreme Court justices and federal judges, this one issue can sink this country

Failed Economy

Job loss

Continued civil unrest , nothing changes other then loss of police officers and police budgets cut

Vote Fraud

Mail in Vote Fraud

Scapegoating You

Full Support of Public Charge immigrants who should be deported

Statehood for DC Scheme

Pack The US Supreme Court Scheme

16 Year old vote scheme

Soft on crime no justice for crime victims

Early release of felons from prisons

Unconstitutional acts against the Bill of Rights

Full support for Illegals not US Citizens no action to secure the southern border

Sweetheart deals with China and the world that are bad for America

Bigger government with one size fits all lousy health care

Treaty's with other nations in the UN that deprive you the US citizen of your constitutional rights

Stupid wasteful acts because someone's feelings are hurt

Blaming YOU for what's wrong in America when they are the problem !

Mindless acts to make some people feel good

Total failure in leadership in all American cities that are ruled by Democrats over more then 70 years Baltimore Detroit Chicago and more are picture perfect views of their policy failures

WE have a constitution for now that has protected the USA for over 244 years ,


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Re: This November Election Is A Choice Between Freedom Or Oppression
Posted by: Tl;dr ()
Date: June 29, 2020 04:35AM

No one is going to read your rambling bullshit, but I know you will read this response loser.

Biden: says weird shit and rambles. Usually catches and fixes the ultra dumb things he said.

Trump: rambles and says dumb shit or complete lies non-stop and on purpose. Never corrects anything he says. If caught on a major item just tries to blame someone else. Has gone Full retard.

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Re: This November Election Is A Choice Between Freedom Or Oppression
Posted by: Voter Guide ()
Date: June 29, 2020 10:45PM

If you are a thief, rapist, murderer, jihadist, violent illegal, or communist/lazy welfare leech who hates America, freedom, personal responsibility and work, then vote democrat.

Otherwise, vote for Trump.

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