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Were Winning
Posted by: The "Righteous" Prevail Again ()
Date: May 22, 2020 11:35PM

Notice how there are not so many glee filled libtards here anymore. Were winning on the conservative America loving side with president Trump !

Just LOOK! at JOE and that's one big reason why libs are holding their heads in manic panic . JOE is a trip ! Have you ever seen a dumber presidential candidate who flubs his lines while coming up with the stupidest BS you can imagine from a "front running " Democrat candidate who thinks the black vote is his to take !

Then you have this Democrat virus lockdown designed to break the USA economy which Americans now know, its even getting Dems ready to bust out of their skin as they want to hit the hipster resturauants and Bar Louie so bad it hurts , but in blue states Democrat governors and a fat Rhino are pissing people off big time with their unreasonable lockdowns

To add to their misery House haters are thinking about another Shitf Show attempt to get Trump once again even though their impeachment in Jan Feb 2020 lead to the Coronavirus coming into the USA and killing more Americans then anyone's AR15 ever did in all our history, more deaths then the Vietnam War that Democrats in the 60's started and a Republican president had to end . Then the Democrats screamed as Trump asked for caution with the virus , "come on down to Chinatown" , "come on down to times square, Trump is "racist" said the Democrats ! ..What a bunch of purely stupid crap to say when New York should have been locking down, closing NY Citys airports and keeping the virus out of America

As if the muddy hole the Democrats are wallowing in is not deep enough

With no decent presidential candidates to give them any relief that can beat President Trump, just the same old bunch of weirdo's and some Communists and Nazis in the mix that can't win nationwide

Just a few days ago Nancy let loose with a unaffordable 3 trillion dollar liberal bailout bail that was packed with lib pork to bail out California's way overpaid public pension system where common firemen get well over 100 k in pensions at the same time most average Americans make 50k in total household income while there working not retired !

A 3 trillion dollar bill that gives cash to illegals and dozens of unneeded $$$$ expensive liberal dreams that has nothing to do with economic help

SICK ! That's all it is , the people of the USA feel that completely today

It all adds up to see in November 2020 ..

4 more years for president Trump and a full Congressional majority is coming to pay back the unamerican Democrats once again

Take Nothing For Granted Vote Trump Vote GOP in 2020 !

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Re: Were Winning
Posted by: Dgjfddb ()
Date: May 23, 2020 11:28AM

Lib here and you are correct. We “were” winning...about 4 years ago. Now a complete joke to the world with virtually no global influence and power left.

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