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Delagate Mark Levins (D) Assault Weapon Bill HB 961 And Firearms tax Bill HB 960
Posted by: The Assault Weapon Bill ()
Date: January 18, 2020 01:20PM


The gist of the bill Sen Sawslaws (D) bill has been withdrawn it was a complete ban on possession of assault weapons

The bill closes any further sales of "assault weapons" in Virginia or sales trades or gifts . Current owners of "assault weapons will be required to get a permit from the Virginia State police to continue legal possession after Jan 1st 2021. Owners who obtain the Sate police permit may transport the arms with their permit in their possession in a locked case unloaded to their homes and businesses and private property to dealers or gunsmiths or to hunt or shoot at ranges or the estates of deceased persons executors to be allowed to take arms to dealers to sell or anyone to take the arm to the police to turn in (better call first) . No other public possession of an "assault weapon" is allowed.

State Police will conduct background checks of all persons who apply for a "assault weapon" permit and periodic criminal checks will be made upon registered owners who obtain the permits which also means if you do break the law and are convicted they will come for all your guns not just the "assault weapon" Read the whole bill in the link above for the complete details about magazines and the rest

Mark Levins HB 960 imposes a 10 % tax on your right to keep and bear arms when you buy a firearm that will be required to be from a federally licensed dealer where you will fill out form 4473 and answer question 11 E yes or no . A lie upon the 4473 is a federal felony.

The tax money will go to some mental health psych program instead of putting mental health info of mentally disturbed people into the NCIS to stop insane killers from obtaining firearms and using the unconstitutional 2A civil rights tax money for public shooting ranges nd youth firearms safety programs in schools

Just another one of the Democrats unconstitutional laws that punish the people who exercise their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms

But there is still good news for federally illegal narcotic users :
Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney Steve D will let them slide with any marijuana busts as he will not prosecute and send the conviction info to the feds NCIS background check system to allow them to buy guns as the gun sales Strawman of their own drug pushing weed man as Democrats like gun crimes to give them more ammunition for further bans . They feed themselves by creating criminals out of the law abiding citizenry while they suppress the right to keep and bear arms

The Only Constitutional Amendment with the founders COMMAND


IS THE 2nd AMENDMENT of The United States Constitution

Democrats are well known for taxing Americans civil rights like the Jim Crow laws and their POLL TAXES To Keep Poor Blacks and other poor Americans from voting in Virginia

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Re: Delagate Mark Levins (D) Assault Weapon Bill HB 961 And Firearms tax Bill HB 960
Posted by: The Bill Has a Magazine Ban ()
Date: January 18, 2020 10:31PM

It looks like even if you register the AR you can not possess a magazine of over 10 rounds , a unconstitutional addition that will poison this bill when SCOTUS gets to it

A US judge in California just declared their magazine ban unconstitutional, he will overruled by the 9th Circuit and upheld By SCOTUS in time and that will be the Law of the land

when ever Democrats say President Trump is doing something "unconstitutional" trying to close our southern border or wanting rotten Joe and Son investigated look at the asshole Dem saying it and laugh in their faces as they are the supreme hypocrites of the this nation.

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Re: Delagate Mark Levins (D) Assault Weapon Bill HB 961 And Firearms tax Bill HB 960
Posted by: Dec 2019 2nd Highest Gun Sales ()
Date: January 18, 2020 11:29PM

In Virginia since the 1990's with Gov Northam trying lamely to surpass the worlds greatest gun salesman Obama truly a feat !

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