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Home You Have To Go Home Your Not An Asylum Seeker
Posted by: Another Day Another SOB Story ()
Date: September 09, 2019 05:27PM


Did she leave her country by escaping thru barbed wire with guards firing belt fed machine guns at her , like what the real asylum seekers went thru to escape the Soviet bloc nations during the Cold War ?

So there's crime and violence in her homeland , guess what ! Theres a huge amount of crime and violence in the USA ! More people are killed each year by violent illegals alone that sneak into the US then any assault weapons the Democrats want to ban. Take one look at Chicago or any other city in the US where Democrats are in full political control and you will find out of control violence.

Take one look at who is in the Fairfax County ADC and you will see the large numbers of illegals there

Because there is violence in other nations that is no reason that asylum should be granted

No one should be allowed to enter this nation on false claims of being an asylum seeker . Everyone who does enter this country to stay must be able to support themselves with out public assistance !

American was built long ago now, our schools hospitals, and jails and prisons are full up. We need engineers doctors and other professionals, we do not need any more unskilled workers. We are already paying out so much welfare that if it were cut by 75% there would be enough money to make free college a reality at least for the first two years.

Affordable housing is yet to be had for those young Americans starting out on their own, and bringing in millions of immigrants with illegals too does not help our situation one bit

Secure Americas Borders

Never Vote For The Democrat That will not do that and that is ALL OF THEM They are the reason our immigration system in America is broken and out of control !

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