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Charlie King, attorney you can’t trust
Posted by: SneakerKath ()
Date: August 10, 2019 12:38PM


It’s disturbing when a local attorney decides to engage in questionable activity thinking they are “above the law”. This is an area we have seen Charlie King frequent because he thinks he is untouchable.

Charlie King, a local Attorney in Loudoun County, has proven via his repeated offenses he lacks integrity, no ability to behave in an ethical manner, and above all lacks a moral compass.

After all Charlie participated making good on threat made to local female aspiring politician (Martha Bonetta) by sending her elderly ailing father information that was grossly embellished and decades old at his nursing home.

Charlie King is also the man that used his good buddy who was the former Commonwealth Attorney as his “selling tool” to get new clients... he actually told someone (a good friend of ours) during a consultation he was “tight” with Commonwealth Attorney and even said Plowman owed him favors so he could get results.

Charlie King is a liar and a failed aspiring politician, who couldn’t get elected even if he paid all the constituents. He has been sued by former clients, and his response is to smear them via his social media posts.

Charlie King is continuing to do what he does best, lie. Charlie King and buddy (Mark McCaffrey) publicly allege that Nuckolls runs this page.

The truth is Nuckolls has nothing to do with this page but we sure wish she did!!! We’ve invited her to participate countless times and she won’t. But that doesn’t stop Charlie King from lying and spreading his pathetic lies and saying she does.

Take a moment and look at the disrespectful and untruthful slander/banter Charlie King participated in today.

More concerning: Notice the comment about having his wife start his car? We fear this an indirect admission of guilt that they, King and McCaffrey, are possibly responsible for slashing Nuckolls tires and leaving threatening notes on her vehicle. Not being sure we have taken it upon ourselves to inform her and reach out to the authorities. Attempting to threaten and intimidate a woman is truly a vile act!

Governor of Virginia
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office
Leesburg Police Department, Leesburg VA
Loudoun Times-Mirror
Loudoun Now
Loudoun County Government
Support Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Today
Leesburg, Virginia
Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office
Loudoun Commission on Women and Girls
National Organization for Victim Assistance
Corrupt Government
Virginia State Bar
Democratic Attorneys General Association
Ashburn Psychological Services
Center for Investigative Reporting

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Re: Charlie King, attorney you can’t trust
Posted by: You didn't answer ()
Date: August 10, 2019 05:33PM

How bad did he beat you? How much do you owe him?

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Re: Charlie King, attorney you can’t trust
Posted by: Jeff Chiow ()
Date: August 10, 2019 05:44PM

Fake places

Fake events

His legal pleadings

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