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Meade should not be insulting Blacks as the “N” word
Posted by: Meade is rude ()
Date: July 29, 2019 05:42PM

Meade why are you such a racist just to Blacks? I don’t see you harass illegals, whites, Jews, Catholics, Muslims (maybe because you but friend, Cary is one?) you are a bigot, hypocrite worthless piece of trash. Your many online sites under your name “Meade Skelton” proves you like to try to sing without success. You live in Richmond although you post all day and night on this site as a angry hater with profanity, racist harassment and more and you don’t care to try to be anything but a gay jerk. You make it very easy to get attention and you enjoy doing it.

Have you not thought that maybe with all the horrible ways you have treated others especially Blacks that you are a sitting duck? Think how many Blacks live near you in Richmond, VA, maybe they might just pay you a visit, have you thought about that? Have you thought about anything except for yourself? No, you are an animal!

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Re: Meade should not be insulting Blacks as the “N” word
Posted by: Unbelievable sickness here ()
Date: July 29, 2019 08:17PM

I know now why this site is a cesspool, it is operated by totally sick and demented, worthless animals. I had no idea until now just how mentally unhinged people are and can be as those operating this site, they are truly sick animals full of hate, anger and dangerous. People like these just need to be catapulted out of America they seem bent on destroying my country and their good people.

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