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Charity Mobile, Cell Phone Service, More for Less for Many of Us
Posted by: 4 U ()
Date: May 08, 2019 03:01PM

Difficult to find those kind of businesses, found and signed up with Charity Mobile recently.  Great customer service, and a better value for the money found, either lower bill for same GB of data, or more GB data for same price paying Verizon Wireless monthly. They ported two family current mobile phone numbers and phones in under an hour.  Had some questions, which unlike a lot of tech companies, each time at Charity Mobile 1-877-474-3662 a real person answered the phone in 3-4 rings (no voice response menu), helpful, patient, no sales pressure, caring, and kind, and email support support@charitymobile.com within hours during normal business hours, not days.  What also is impressive with them on the phone, if they did not know the answer to any technical support questions immediately, they were back within 2 minutes with the information needed.  Like Chick-fil-a they are closed on Sundays. Besides what sharing, another customer's review at bottom below. This may help you or others wanting the Verizon Wireless network, but at better price, and way better customer service.

* Home Page - https://www.charitymobile.com/

* Plans - https://www.charitymobile.com/plans.html 
- No activation fees for new customers, Verizon directly charges $35 per phone.
- Though unlimited calls and texts, they only have data plans up to 15GB, with no Unlimited plans.
- No throttling of data if go over data allowance, but they charge 4 cents per MB for overages.
- If use no or little data, say know someone using a flip phone, its $10 a month cheaper, data restricted vs. data enabled needed on a smartphone.

* Phones - https://www.charitymobile.com/phones.html 
- Phones cheaper than buying directly from Verizon.  They sell and support Verizon smart phones and flip phones.
- Or can port many existing Verizon phones, call or email them with your phone's MEI, manufacturer equipment ID, but must have a 4G LTE band on your phone.

* Support & FAQs - https://www.charitymobile.com/support.html with many questions answered on this page.
* Contact - https://www.charitymobile.com/help.html

* Charities they support - https://www.charitymobile.com/cgi-bin/csvsearch.pl?charity=  with 5% of your monthly bill goes to charity of choice on this URL/weblink.

* Estimate that they have many thousands of customers from this - '5% of your plan's monthly cost to the Pro-Life, Pro-Family charity of your choice! Together with our loyal customers, we have sent nearly $2 million dollars to charities over the past 22 years.'
* They also support call forwarding, all calls *72, and busy/no answer *71, if you need that.
* Say for an older person who uses their flip phone for calls only, they can also disable text and multimedia messages if you request.
* Their billing cycle for all customers is from the 7th of the month to the 6th of the next month.  They send out paper bills to customers and can pay by mail, but you can also pay your bill online. here https://www.myebill.com/index.asp?startsna with major credit/debit cards.  They do charge a small $2.41 3rd party processing fee being a Verizon reseller https://www.charitymobile.com/terms.html .
* They ship any new phones by USPS Priority Mail.

Other need to know, as their service may not be for everyone. Reason for these to limit their direct competition with Verizon.
* If you are one who needs fast devil 4G speeds 20-30 mbps for video or huge downloads when not on a home or office Wifi, then stay with Verizon.  Measured Charity Mobile download data speeds using an app which came in at 6 mbps in 2-4 signal bar areas locally which works personally. This is enough for web browsing and most apps.  They do not support Network Extenders sold by Verizon directly for boosting a weak 1 bar cell signal.
* If ever a situation where network congestion, Verizon direct customers get priority.  If you go to huge concerts or stadium games or similar situations very frequently, if Verizon does not have extra capacity there, your call may not get through.
* For anyone you call not in their phone contact list, only your phone number transmits through on the caller ID with Charity Mobile.

Porting went well and quickly.  Though backed up contacts, call logs, text messages, etc. using a free app, all that information transferred on the one existing phone automatically, without using the app restore function or doing manually. with the Charity Mobile SIM card they sent free. Older family member's years old worn flip phone had to be replaced, which when powered up, a Higher Up screen saver with choices in the phone settings to change to other scenery if you wish.  Like Chick-fil-a, Charity Mobile does take the extra mile to take care of its customers.

Hope this helps you or someone you know to save money or to get more for the same amount paying today for cell phone service, and spending your money with a faith based business, if that is your thing. But all being said, great customer service, better Verizon Wireless network, and very good pricing vs. Verizon Wireless directly, other cell phone or cable companies, or other large tech companies, spending hours on the phone sometimes getting what think is the simplest question or issue resolved, that is not Googleable.

P.S. There is also Patriot Mobile, another conservative faith cell phone company, which they instead use the Sprint network. Other than reviewing their website https://www.patriotmobile.com/ , did not check into them any more.

Yes, I and a few other people I know use it. I recommend it to any Catholic or just pro-life person I know. They cover most of the US , and they have a decent selection of phones - they don't have the newest stuff yet...but I don't really care. Their plans are at least comparable to most other AAA networks, and there are no contracts. I can easily say I am more satisfied with this carrier than any I've been with before. It also comes down to one thing; it's a Catholic company supporting Catholic/pro-life charities. That's good enough for me to support them. Regardless of almost all other factors. But, I can say that I've never had a dropped call, never had bad service, never had to wait for a new phone when I've ordered one, never had problems with billing or my bills..I've actually never had a reason to call customer support for this company because nothing I've had with them has ever been a problem. I've never had that before with a phone carrier.

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Re: Charity Mobile, Cell Phone Service, More for Less for Many of Us
Posted by: Also interesting ()
Date: May 14, 2019 09:00PM


May 09, 2019 Cincinnati, OH, USA, Full Time

Quotes from link
'Charity Mobile is looking for Customer Service Representatives who are highly motivated and customer-centric to join our professional team. We do *not* engage in telemarketing or cold calling.
***** Our customers tell us we have the best customer service in the industry. We work hard to resolve our customers' questions and issues quickly yet thoroughly.' *****
'Qualified candidates will be sufficiently trained to understand the business and effectively serve our customers. We offer a quality work environment with like-minded co-workers helping like-minded customers. We are looking to hire more employees like our own who are driven and passionate about excelling, learning, having fun, and building a Culture of Life in America. We understand that our employees are at the core of our success and growth. In order to attract and retain the best, we offer great earning potential, benefits, opportunities for advancement, and an enjoyable work culture.'
'You will have the opportunity to work with like-minded people and modern technology, and be part of a company that is making a difference and improving the Culture of Life in America. While compensation depends on your experience and skill set, we pride ourselves on paying above average in the industry.'
'- Positive, "can do" attitude.
- Willingness to learn and be trained.'

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Re: Charity Mobile, Cell Phone Service, More for Less for Many of Us
Posted by: Recent sign up, great ()
Date: May 14, 2019 09:19PM

In the last month switched to Charity Mobile using the Verizon Wireless network, for two lines, one a smartphone and another a basic flip phone, with unlimited calls, texts, and 6GB of data, $85 a month total bill includes all taxes. With Verizon Wireless directly, this be around $110 month = $60 + $20 per line + taxes. Phones are cheaper with Charity too, brought a smartphone as a BYOD device, but flip phone LG Exalt $75 with Charity vs. $144 with Verizon directly. Free activation With Charity vs. $35 per phone with Verizon. Also with Charity Mobile, can pay through mail or online, get statements by paper, email, or both, and choose auto-pay or not, easy to do on account portion of website, which also allows you to view current to date call, texting, and data activity.

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