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Not Just In Fairfax
Posted by: This Justin ()
Date: February 10, 2019 11:24AM

The Democrats got themselves into a pretzel (as some commentator put it).

But they won't call for the resignation of Justin Fairfax or Herring,
and they are already backing off on the call for Northam to resign.

All three have already said the won't resign.
Some of them are saying it's a vast right-wind conspiracy in the first place.

They will all stay in office for their terms.
They will probably not be allowed to run again, though.

It will have no impact on 2020 or anything, because more than half
the population in the country believes it was all fake news that
was Trumped up by GOP operatives.

The fact ofthe blackfaces has already been debunked.
That's not Northam. It never happened.

The fact of the rape allegation has already been debunked.
Justin has already said it never happened, repeatedly.
(That is, he repeatedly says that it repeatedly never happened.)

None of it ever happened.
It was a bad dream.

Most Democrats that I have asked say that it never happened,
that it's just fake news, and that it was a move by Trump
just tryin to distract from his impending impeachment / prison term.

Where the fuck are his taxes, anyway ?!?!

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Re: Not Just In Fairfax
Posted by: This Justin ()
Date: February 10, 2019 11:39AM


(FOX News) Nearly 60 percent of African-Americans in Virginia want Gov. Ralph Northam to remain in office despite the recent scandal surrounding a racist photo

1. Herring is a nobody who won't be allowed on Democratic tickets anymore.
You can't sacrifice him on the alter, though, because it would remind
everyone of the the other two guys, who seem much worse.
But nobody has talked of him, and nobody will.
He's a nobody and won't be heard from again.
He will probably be a good boy and keep his head down.

2. Justin is now the person who the liberal media is focusing on.
But remember what the Republicans and FOX did to Blasey-Ford?
This time it will be the liberals who turn on Fairfax's accusers,
after a brief show of support where they tried so hard to believe every woman.

But if anyone gets lynched, it will definitely be Justin Fairfax.
Because: nigger.

3. Northam is a victim of fake news, dirty tricks, and lies.
And as you can see by the above poll, NOBODY wants him to resign now.
The House and Senate leaders and all have had their say, which they
had to have, but they will now pivot to: (a) It was fake, and
(b) can't thwart the will of the electorate. Cannot undo or sabotage
or resist or undermine the duly elected executive official of Virginia.
he will of the people is clear: they elected him, and they still want him.

Northam is totally safe!

Amazing how these things turn out.


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