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Stacey Kincaid, Fairfax Detention Center, Fairfax County Commonwealth, and VA DoC
Posted by: Spoofed ()
Date: June 14, 2018 12:23AM

I’ve been watching this website and reading and observing and decided I need to set the record straight.

1. Prison reform - at all levels and all facets must be done before more wrongfully accused receive unjust charges, convictions, and then 2 years of hell in Fairfax Detention Center or pure hell in the Va DoC

2. Prison reform is not about race, color, creed or otherwise, it begins at the top and the top in Fairfax County begins with the Commonwealth Attorneys - it begins and ends with two people named and somehow re-elected (no one wants their job apparently), Murrough and Lingen

3. The corruption, the bias, begins with Fairfax County Commonwealth and trickles downward like a deadly virus.

4. Fairfax County Detention Center advertises nice clean jail cells on their government website, yet Stacey Kincaid and one of the judges who still presides owns a little piece of the joint - supposedly. This creates a conflict of interest and most likely fraud, where any finances are concerned, and incentive to incarcerate - which produces revenue. Because if an inmate is charged for more than 2 years, they receive subsidized money from the Va DoC for each inmate, while Fairfax will debit jail accounts - $2.00 every single day, while writing off the accounts who have no support from family, and robbing the inmates who do have family support, blindly. Again, fraud.

5. The fairfax county police are controlled by the Ffx Cnty Commonwealth - Murrough and Lingen. They tell the chief what they want and what they want, are quotas.

6. Quotas equate to too many unjust arrests and charges and convictions which lead to overcrowded jails, prisons, which then lead to poor and inadequate medical/healthcare for ALL inmates, of any color. But Fairfax doesn’t care because all of this, equates to revenue for them.

7. Unless you are financial wealthy or politically connected - like the Mayor of Fairfax, who got arrested for Cocaine and was placed in separate quarters and never did time. it doesn’t matter what color you are, because you will receive the same poor animalistic treatment, and especially where healthcare is concerned. The sadistic guards are either not trained or over trained, and many not equipped to do their jobs. And, many treat the families as if they were the criminals, which clearly they are not.

8. If an inmate has no advocate or supportive family or friends, they will ALL be treated with no healthcare or medical - until it’s too late and they find them dead, in their cell. The US State Dept is investigating the Faurfax county detention center as it took one of their own employees dying for someone to see the light. For now, I’ll take it.

9. Every unjust or justified incarceration - if you are lucky to have outside support - you may survive, but barely. ALL prisons and county or regional jails are the same. Healthcare is beyond deplorable, and people die, as a result. And then, video cam validations or paperwork all altered accordingly, because if you are not wealthy or politically connected, you lose.

10. Knowing first hand through my experience is, if you don’t fight for your plight you die, and if your incarceration is unjustified, or media or politically driven or quota driven, you just lose. Animal shelters treat their animals with more hygiene and healthcare, than any jail or prison, anywhere, anytime, in the entire US. PRISON REFORM

11. All facilities make it extremely difficult for any inmate - good or bad - to obtain simple resources - I am talking toilet paper and a cot to lay in.

12. Fairfax County Detention Center violates healthcare OSHA requirements, as well as HIPAA laws and I have come to the conclusion that they must pay all health inspectors, in order to pass inspection. The person in charge of health inspections once said, we are ranked high compared to other local jails. So, if they feel they rank high compared to other jails, then refusing nominal healthcare and humane needs, like providing a cot instead of the floor for a bed, is A OK to Fairfax County, then good God, it’s time for Prison Reform.

13. Our property taxes pay for the detention center and our state income taxes pay for the VA DoC facilities. What are we laying for? Beyond disbelief when I experienced these jails/prisons, and now a firm believer that Orison Reform MUST HAPPEN.

14. If you are a Fairfax County Cop, then you are threatened if you don’t get your quota of arrests... good bad or indifferent - otherwise, you get written up, transferred, shift changed, etc. Punished. The leaders of the cops in Fairfax County is their chief, who is directed by the Commonewealth Murrough and Lingen.

Time to get these elected assholes out of office!!! They control it ALL

Fairfax County did not become one of the richest counties in the country all by itself.... but we as citizens, have a voice. The amount of fraud, misuse and manipulation of data, and vast violations, in order to charge or convict is beyond astounding. They even make up charges, simply to avoid any media backlash. It is not about justice or hearing a case and delving deep to find out the facts, or real truth - nope - it’s all political. Sloppy detective work, hungry Commonwealth Attorneys, wanting to meet or exceed their quotas, and avoidance of media backlash, fearing to make the right call versus society accepted call.

It’s time to break a part this political ring, don’t you think?

If you want change stop re-electing the same people
in office over and over again, which include, Murrough, Lingen, Kincaid - Get rid of all three of them. They are crooked, they break the law by manipulating facts, which is against the VA Bar association, and to date, MANY innocent people have been unjustly incarcerated and/or overly Incarcerated, and this madness must simply stop.

It stops with us - the Voting Residents

Time to drain the Fairfax County Swamp

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Re: Stacey Kincaid, Fairfax Detention Center, Fairfax County Commonwealth, and VA DoC
Posted by: Kincaid is a cunt ()
Date: June 14, 2018 08:41AM

Kincaid is a Ms13 coalburner.
Where’s Stan berry?
Kincaid is only good at sucking felon cock and playing with the taint!

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