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Posted by: FurfaxTownie ()
Date: May 21, 2009 03:03PM

I thought it might worth starting a new WJFK thread.

I've been listening WJFK for almost since 1996 and the best talent on WJFK right now is Big O and Dukes. Unlike the Junkies they put effort into thier product and it shows. Unlike the MOM show, its fresh. Oscar and Chad have a good dynamic whith Chads self loathing/deprication and Oscar being happy go lucky. Chad reminds me of vintage Don Geronimo. Finally, much respect for thier "no porn star" policy. That schtick is 30 years old now, NO ONE CARES about naked chicks on the radio.

True, the junkies mail it almost every day, Thier approach to show prep creeps closer to the old "Peter Rosenberg Show" which is, talk about yourself, and people will like. The problem with that is it kind of stops working when you are 40 and married. Its just doesnt make for exciting radio. Everything about the show is stale, especially the games. Whore or bore being the worst one. My hat goes off to Lurch though, he is the only one who delivers day in and day out.

As for MOM show, its proves all the rumors about Don G being an dick a-hole are true. There is a lot more cross over within the shows then ever before. MOM show is better then last final years of D&M. Mike knows good radio, but i think he needs to find a new co-host.

Very glad the Jim Rome show is gone. I couldn't stand his cock and balls attitude towards sports. He is everything that is wrong with sports reporting, i.e. his emphasis on the smack talk.

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Date: May 21, 2009 03:06PM

Donnie G is certainly an a-hole, but he is an entertaining a-hole, even when his life is/was falling apart. On Mike's best day, he isn't as good as Don on his worst day.

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Posted by: dapjdj ()
Date: May 21, 2009 04:01PM

FurfaxTownie Wrote:
> My hat goes off to Lurch though, he is
> the only one who delivers day in and day out.

I'm not seeing any extra effort at all from Lurchie - but that's me. I've always said there are at least 1 and probably 2 too many Junks. If I were to cut, Lurch would be one to go...

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Posted by: BagODonuts ()
Date: May 21, 2009 04:03PM

JP seems to prepare the most for the show...but he's so freakin stiff. Laugh a little bit db.

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Posted by: FurfaxTownie ()
Date: May 21, 2009 04:12PM

The show is always better without JP and/or EB. I like lurch because he is the only one who doesn't make the show all about himself. When he does interject his personal life, its usually within context of the topic or one of the other 3 drags him into it. He is the best interviewer, typically asking the most constructive and direct questions and doesn't kiss ass. Last he tells the funniest stories of the three such as deucing on some guys drive way in Potomac, or crashing Usamas ride.

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Date: May 21, 2009 04:24PM

I agree that Lurch is one of the better interviewers. He gives the impression that he has at least read the interviewee's bio before asking questions. Unlike this ass...

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Posted by: graymoose1 ()
Date: May 21, 2009 08:30PM

And to think I was listening to the radio for the music. Damn

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Posted by: Huntington ()
Date: May 21, 2009 10:36PM

I started listening to D & M when I was 12, I'm 34 now, miss Don, hope the best for Mike and Crew, but enough w/ the interviews, I'd rather hear them just be them. I like TMOS but Chad Dukes KILLS it everyday, LOVE that show. He's just too damn funny, as are the rest of that crew.

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Posted by: joihpgsa ()
Date: May 21, 2009 11:38PM

Mike sucks at doing his own show.
Joe is awesome. Bring back Joe Radio!!!
Big O and Dukes are the best on the station now.
The Junkies are horrible and lame. Have you ever seen pictures of them?

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Posted by: FurfaxTownie ()
Date: May 22, 2009 08:08AM

I hope you're being sarcastic about Joe Radio, it might be the worst show ever put on WJFK. Worse then, Rome, BDK movies review, which are just bad. If you want a fringe lefty show, i rather they put Peter Rosenburg back on, his show is almost qualifies as being "so bad, its good"

Yes MOM interviews are lame. Is interviewing sit com stars 50 years pass thier prime? I remember D&M always drooling over over the hill tv personalites.

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