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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Cman ()
Date: July 22, 2015 09:23PM

from my findings i found out that Chapel view estates shares a little bit of the old Colchester Road. i circled the same areas on the 1997 and on the 1912 maps. this is my opinion. my email address is chroadkill@gmail.com please feel free to email me your imput
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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: good ole days ()
Date: July 22, 2015 10:27PM

I used to wander the ivakota farm for a couple years. One of the asylum rumors comes from it being an asylum for alcoholics at one time. I reckon they called detox an asylum at once upon a time. I got that info from the va at the library back then.
I also built a deck for one of the homes in 1997 in that subdivision with a friend that roamed that area with me a couple years earlier. It was about4 or 5 houses down on the right, and me and my buddy talked with the homeowner about what used to be there before he lived there, and we figured(judging by the trails leading to the ponds below) that the old big house sat on the lot we were working on.
There is also a couple old trash dumps still there. One is along he powerline on the hemlock side of that line. I dug up a bunch of old bottles there. I imagine you could still see the dump, just go down the original farm entrance, get out and walk to the right along the power lines until you see the signs of rusted scrap. I couldn't describes be how to get to the other. Old dumps are what archeological types love going through. We never finished digging the power line dump before the cops started visiting the area.
And the old man who was a jerk lived at the end of union mill red. He came on us with a gun one day. We were pretty high and laughed at him. We didn't leave, but we walked like we were going to till we got out of sight. Soon after that the cops started pulling up in there and handing out trespassing tickets. That was in 95.
I remember the big house having just one room on each floor. I don't remember a basement with anything resembling cells or small rooms. That was the only building we went in and I think we only entered once.
There was also a civil war fort that was on the other side of the golf course from union mill. There was a trail running by it. It was just a huge (8ft?) built up crater. An older guy I knew got four five gallon buckets of Minnie balls from there while metal detecting in the early 80's. I would think the fort would still be there due to history, but I don't know. I know there's a road that was built as another entrance to the development that probably would cut off the trail I took to the fort.

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Tommy Tutone ()
Date: July 23, 2019 10:48PM

Bring this back 10 years later anybody have any update on their research?

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Tommy Tutone ()
Date: July 23, 2019 11:10PM

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: so gay ()
Date: July 23, 2019 11:15PM

Tommy Tutone Wrote:
> https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B074N8MFJ3/
> ref=atv_dp
> Story has made it to amazon prime

ivaota is mcmansions now. preppy fags. no asylums anymore

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Holy shit I been there ()
Date: July 24, 2019 07:10AM

1996. Off popes head rd. Near the company called “the green team.”
Double stairs on each side going upstairs.
Cages in the creepy basement!
Plants overgrown on the building outside.
Went at noon-still scary as fuck!
On top of this, some creeps wrote out messages on the white walls using a cig lighter.
Then, the mofo that brought me here, said he just “had a dream about the two staircases going upstairs.”

Never went back.

I think it’s gone now.
Tried to retrace and couldn’t.

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Definitely cages in basement ()
Date: July 24, 2019 07:19AM

Read page 1 about housing “troubled” girls.....there were definitely cages and chains in the basement! Not for animals either. Concrete floor, maybe 8 cages twice as large as the biggest dog crates sold at Walmart. It had its own exit. Can’t recall if it had an entrance from the main building to the basement/crawl space.
Wide open second floor, low ceiling, no individual rooms.
The outside looked like a southern US house covered with kudzu.
I went with the hottest girl at my high school at the time to “show I wasn’t a wimp,” but it’s creepy reading this thread now!

Middle of July, and not even the cicadas were making noise(the noise when the day is going to be a swelter).

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Huff ()
Date: August 29, 2019 09:40PM

And now, passers by only have to worry about satanists instead of the bunny man.

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Re: old clifton insane asylum
Posted by: Ivakota Survivor ()
Date: September 30, 2021 02:12PM

I used to live in Clifton, VA with my father after my Mom and sibs were killed in a 1992 car crash in Alexandria, VA. We lived there for 6 years as I went to a school nearby. When living there we lived on present day Ivakota Farm Rd. We would go for walks at night from time to time, especially in the fall and spring. I always saw this creature, that looked like an escaped mental patient. My father would see the same thing. There was a neighbor whose daughter Karen swore by it that she saw the same thing. She was anti-social so I never really made friends with her. One day the 3rd year we lived there my Dad and I were coming back from visiting my late mothers family in Luray, VA for a long weekend (Labor Day) and we saw police everywhere. I laughed that maybe another dumb teen was driving. We got closer and it was no laughing matter. Karen had committed suicide. It was a tragedy but since I was not close to her I did not attend the funeral though my father did. Funerals were hard for me after my Mom and sibs died. While he was at the funeral my paternal grandmother stayed with me for the day. We were walking and felt the ground shake. She said "maybe a truck was somewhere or on rare occasions we get a tiny earthquake". It was at 2:00 PM. Her funeral was 12:30 PM with burial to follow about 30 minutes away. It was the time of her burial. From then on the next 3 years I would, from time to time, feel that small quake. I no longer walked at night as I was older and my Dad and I often went places. However, one night we were walking at night with a cousin who was visiting and suddenly, we felt the earth move, and we saw Karen. Yes, it was her. Karen (last name I am leaving out for privacy). My Dad thought it was part of my mental illness but then he and my cousin Phil both saw it also. It was her. We told a neighbor and they had seen the same thing and were so glad to know it wasn't just them. We told Karen's mother (her father had died from alcoholism at that point) and she told us never to talk to her again. She died by 5 months later herself after apparently choking to death. At that point the images of her daughter Karen stopped. We never saw them again in the last 2 years we lived there. Strange things happened on that street. A girl died doing the "choking game" and another person fell from a ladder to their death. Another family had a son go into violent seizures and when they moved it stopped. As my mental illness (anxiety and schizophrenia) got worse and worse my Dad moved back to Alexandria with me. When we moved, all my symptoms of schizophrenia stopped and to this day, 16 years later, while I still have anxiety issues there has been no schizophrenia. The family who bought the house with 3 children. Six years later they were moving as their son had significant mental illness and needed to be committed long term and the mother was suddenly suffering from Bipolar Depression for the first time. Maybe that was just menopause, but I call it the ghosts of Ivakota.

It is now 16 years later and I seldom go to Clifton though I was out there with my father this year for the first time since 2017. We both live in New York now. When visiting we learned there was a horrible tragedy where a mentally ill man stabbed his father to death and then ran into Compton Rd. acting disturbed and suicidal. I knew immediately we were wise to move. There is a ghost of mental illness on that street. The street that for years housed the insane asylum which was home to many mysterious deaths that remain unsolved. I said to my Dad "I am so glad we moved" he said in his elderly voice (now 84), "me too son". When he dies, he is in hospice now, I will visit Clifton, VA more frequently and investigate however only in the day, I am too scared even as a 39 year old man to ever go at night. I talked my cousin Phil out of moving there 3 years ago. His daughter was adopted from foster care and has the issues that come with that, I cannot imagine what Ivakota Ghosts would do. I have no idea whether the rest of Clifton is haunted or not though I did have a friend off of Fairfax Station Road as a kid who swore his house was haunted. It was through them that my Dad found Clifton when we had to leave Alexandria way back in 1992.

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