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Conneticut dents Capitol
Posted by: newsjunky ()
Date: October 03, 2013 06:27PM

remember this isn't an isolated incident it's repeat. infact i think the last time it happened was while feds were on vacation.

so they shot her what crime did she do?

they say she "hit a barrier" but for all we know she hit her gas instead of break. and because on some cars the pedals are too close together we don't wonder why anymore it happens so often (cheap ass car makers!)

she ran from police however that isn't a death sentence by officer "judge jury executioner either". infact many in the USA have complained that initiating chases in such situations is what causes death and death of by-standers as well. that police should only do such a chase for, ie, armed robbers.

we also know that police terrify some and people flee for a tail light out, at times, simply due to panic. it's NEVER been the case someoen who flees is avoiding a felony death sentence. far from it.

we have 0 formal complaint against a woman who was tried and executed on the spot.

she had her kid in the car. we HAVE to wonder if she'd run over people at the capitol

but arresting someone who might use a vehicle to harm and possibly kill others ? on or near the capitol ? is certainly wise. but a death sentence BEFORE such a thing occured, by presumption. not so much. a judge should have heard the case.

we have to wonder who ripped her off. because if she 's that angry and she's at the capitol that's no doubt what happened: they are a pack of theives in DC surely. she likely has an unsettled complaint. too much tax? no aid? gotta wonder.

often the radio likes to never tell you why these things happen. the cover up part of the story.

very sad she's from Conneticut with her kid at the Capitol for a complaint before the rest unfolds.

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Re: Conneticut dents Capitol
Posted by: whytheyshoot ()
Date: October 03, 2013 07:23PM

Why dindt they shoot her in the leg or somethin or fire in the air or warnin shot why they shooting at her with a child in the car.

maybe i am out of line but she is the victim she wuz just confused, why the death penalty from triggerhappy guys. now the poor kid is orfaned but maybe there is a dad if she had such a nice car why they just go shootin she only hurt a metal pylon or somethin befor they got all up in her shiot

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Re: Conneticut dents Capitol
Posted by: newsjunky ()
Date: October 03, 2013 07:48PM

they now say it was the White House gate

SO. there is no claim she was trying to run people over is there? only people in and around the WH gate are honor guards and SS?

if she tried to run over PEOPLE, then they had to stop her. if she was defacing and bashing and unarmed: that's somethign many dream of! but it's not a shoot on sight offense.

and if she left the scene that doubled: how can they claim she was trying to run over them if she left too?

ever seen an angry woman try to run over a boyfriend? she doesn't leave. she bashes the car until there is no car left to bash with until or untlesss the boyfriend is run-over.

a 34 yr/old woman with kid in the car? i'm sure she was angry for loosing aid money somehow democrats stole. always the case when they are angry. the news says "had mental problems". but they say that about everyone they shoot on sight. it's the excuse of facists to shoot at will. AND let me emit it was likely government that gave her that status, not a REAL doctor. a defaming gov doctor seeking to dismiss any claim she had against theft, is my guess. then they put the same on her tomb stone. fucking bastards.

there've been many attempts to vandalize around the white house. people are NOT shot on sight. they put the guy who actually fired a bullet into the white house in jail. but they excuted a dumb chick for bashign a gate.

we remember Obama closing white house tours due to furlough was it last year? they do this every year now: right at vacation time.


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Re: Conneticut dents Capitol
Posted by: guu ()
Date: October 03, 2013 09:13PM

Every cop has wet dreams about a justified kill (aka "wasting a scumbag").

The bar for "justification" gets lower as time goes on.

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