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Bus crash
Posted by: jao ()
Date: February 06, 2006 09:51AM

i saw on cnn this morning that a metro bus and a FCPS bus slammed into each other.

anyone have any details?

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: Genevieve ()
Date: February 06, 2006 10:02AM


School Bus, Metro Bus Collide in Centerville

By Lexie Verdon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, February 6, 2006; 9:54 AM

Three people, including one student, were injured this morning when a Fairfax County school bus carrying special education students and a Metro bus collided near the intersection of Braddock Road and Newton Patton Drive in the Centreville area, Fairfax police said.

The driver of the school bus was flown by helicopter to Inova Fairfax Hospital after the accident and one student and an attendant on the bus were taken by ambulance to the hospital, according to Fairfax County Public Schools spokesman Paul Regnier.

Regnier said none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. He said the bus, which was carrying three students and two adults, was headed to the special education Kilmer Center at Kilmer Middle School in Vienna when the accident occurred.

Fairfax County Police Officer Bud Walker said the Metro bus was carrying the driver and one passenger.

Officials did not know what caused the accident, but the school bus was badly damaged. Braddock Road was closed in both directions at the scene as officials conducted an investigation.

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: jao ()
Date: February 06, 2006 10:30AM

i hate how the network news channels will put anything on the news as long as theres compelling video or pictures. the story is buried on the washington post site, isn't even on cnn as far as i glanced over it, yet it makes it on tv because of video of a crumpled up bus from the air.

its too bad for any substance at all you have to go to bbc world or news hour with that boring old bitty lehrer

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: pgens ()
Date: February 06, 2006 03:32PM

It happened on a blind turn... I have to drive through there at least a couple of times a week. You have to be REALLY careful at night because of deer that always happen to cross further down the blind curve. For anyone who knows Centreville, if you go towards Dulles from the 28/29 intersection and hang a left on Braddock, the two left-hand turn lanes merge into one, and then it's a two-lane road that goes around a lengthy blind turn until you end up at Newton Patent (I think that's the road name) where it opens back up to two lanes in each direction.

I hope now that this accident has happened they'll do something about it... at least one can hope. They need to take down trees so you can see cars coming sooner... I don't care about widening it as long as we can see oncoming traffic or deer. Then again it took a number of _deaths_ at Oday and Rt 29 near the park and ride lot before they got around to prohibitting left-hand turns from Oday there.

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Re: Bus crash
Date: February 06, 2006 10:35PM

This doesn't entirely suprise me. Most Metro bus drivers are friggen idiots behind the wheel. I know part of it is because the rest of the people on the road not letting them in when they're trying to get back on the road. Pretty much the same with school bus drivers. I always let the metro bus drivers in when I'm on 66. They're only trying to get in the HOV lane.

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: Gravis ()
Date: February 08, 2006 06:04PM

hmm... well, the local cue bus almost merged me right into the car next to me. the lane he was in ended and he suddenly just turned into my lane. had i not braked, it would have really sucked. the wheels on the bus go round and round... iiinnn to my car.

"the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish."095042938540

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: jao ()
Date: February 08, 2006 10:45PM

anyone ever take the chinatown bus service to NYC or philly? now that is sketchy shit

i saw a bus back into a lamppost in philly a few months ago. the driver got out, looked at it, got back in and drove off like he didnt just mangle a post right off market st downtown

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: RESton Peace ()
Date: February 09, 2006 09:03AM

I say let the bus hit you, if it's his fault, that means a nice corporate payout.

In irder to drive a bus around here you have to pass the black and stupid test. Smart people of any race, including smart blacks, are not allowed.

Oh yeah, bitterness is a prerequisite also.

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Re: Bus crash
Posted by: Hammer Down ()
Date: July 21, 2015 07:20AM

I hate when the bus crashes.

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