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Ban all Md. nazi deputies from Fairfax county
Posted by: MLK republican ()
Date: March 10, 2013 10:31PM

The sheriff says try to understand that these deputies lacked proper training to deal with down subjects. WTF!!!!!!!!

We don't want any of the wacko Md. police state nazi's in Fairfax County.

There are very simple non-violent ways to escort a person with down syndrome out of a movie theater you murderous thugs in Frederick,Md. I warn you gov. O'mally you'd better not try to defend the blatent murder of Robert Saylor.

In fact, these deputies should be charged with no less than second degree murder.

As a matter fact, I also warn you Mr. prosecutor in Fairfax county for ruling the murder of David Masters a justifyable homocide. Former Fairfax County police officer David Ziantz should be in prison for murder in the first degree.He shot David Masters in the back for cryin out loud. Result: officer Ziantz lost his job.

When you evil piece of shit government prosecuters and judges allow all these murders of citizens to go unpunished, you endanger the lives of 1st class police officers like Trooper Junius Walker.

You wonder why I say that. It's very simple. By letting these trusted servants off the hook for murder you desensitize the general public of the fact that these officers are human beings with families. People begin to not only view police as government drones but also develop distrust and even hatred of police. They(the citizens) are more likely to be combative if they think that they will be unfairly assaulted or even "kilt".

To all whom my statements apply, and you know who you are, watch your asses because I will be. No more!!!! You hear me motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case I didn't explain it well enough - Off duty frederick deputies killed a man with down syndrome because he refused to leave a movie theater. Read in sunday metro wash. post.

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Re: Ban all Md. nazi deputies from Fairfax county
Posted by: XujwU ()
Date: March 10, 2013 11:00PM

Here are stories that describe the incident, in which three cops working private security at a mall arrested a man with Down syndrome for not leaving a movie theater. He died in their custody, and the death was ruled a homicide. One important fact is that the cops were not in uniform, so as far as the victim knew he was being attacked by three strange men.


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Re: Ban all Md. nazi deputies from Fairfax county
Posted by: scured of the popo ()
Date: March 10, 2013 11:08PM

Man, I've seen all kinds of cop stories where it seems to me they overstep their boundaries.

Wasn't there some story in Md where a female cop swore that a guy was drunk and in the front seat of his car, and the guy's attorney was able to get some surveillance camera footage that showed the guy was actually in the BACK seat of his car...yet the cop got off with some kind of light ass penalty? Something like that?

Sal Culosi. Google that in Fairfax co.

I am kind of a law and order person, but I think it can be pretty lawless as it relates to some of the enforcement folk...

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Re: Ban all Md. nazi deputies from Fairfax county
Posted by: police are killers ()
Date: March 11, 2013 12:19AM

Doesn't matter. A badge is pretty much a license to kill and get off scot free. Ask Aaron Brown, Prince Jones, Anthony Culosi, David Masters, and many others. They won't be able to answer you because they were all unarmed people shot dead with zero justification by the local police.

People need to understand that the police can and do shoot and kill innocent civilians with some degree of regularity. Generally the department and prosecutors will bend over backward to keep them from ever seeing a courtroom, much less a jail. A badge is a license to kill.

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