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Littering in Annandale - east
Posted by: Clean Neighbor ()
Date: August 15, 2018 02:55PM

I think time has come for authorities to enforce the laws against littering: Virginia spends about 5 million tax dollars annually; and nationally, the cost is 2.5 billion tax dollars a year for litter cleanup. In Annandale we have a major issue with uncivilized people (sorry to say especially illegals that loiters around stores entrances and day workers coming through) that believe it is OK to trash the local roads, parks, and neighbors wooded areas with small trash bags, food containers, tons of beer and water bottles, and whatever other trash they produce and disseminate around. Residents are TIRED of this. We pay taxes and respect the law; why should these people be above the law? Maybe it is OK wherever they come from to live this way, but it is not OK with us. Then they wonder why they get discriminated. I can tell you why: start behaving like a human beings and respect other people properties and rights and you may find that the stereotype of "loiters littering bunch" that circulate at night trashing the neighbor will stop applying to you. To the authorities: start implementing the penalties associated with littering and you may will see some improvements when these people instead of having disposal income to get drunk in our wooded areas and neighbors and using it as a trash site will have to use the money for bell or to pay the fines or get the hell out of this town.

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Re: Littering in Annandale - east
Posted by: Mopo ()
Date: February 17, 2019 08:15AM

Friends - please use FAirfax cty online systems to report rental properties that get trashed by illegal workers. Report work vans and taxis that park in the neighborhood or park facing in the wrong direction. Perhaps - Pick up trash and put it on the hoods of cars or in the truck bed of cars parked illegally. Report visa abuse - for example - VABC or 711 stores are clearly abusing the laws—- report it. These are all simple and legal ways to keep the community safe and clean.

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Re: Littering in Annandale - east
Posted by: mahdi key aches muck ()
Date: March 02, 2019 10:01PM

While we on topic...

white people chemtrail the skies, they about to fry us up with 5G coverage, they put cell phone towers at annandale high school...you caucazoids have almost destroyed this planet...and then you wonder why everyone thinks you are pale faced devils....lol...start behaving like human beings and people might respect your laws...but when your government is a bunch of pedofile, murderous, organ thieving, genocidal don't expect the people to have any kind of moral code

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Re: Littering in Annandale - east
Posted by: mahdi key aches muck mud ()
Date: March 02, 2019 10:06PM

while we on topic....

yes the invasion the america's by the corporate european has turned north america into a toxic hell hole...so don't take these cave dwellers hypocritical complaints about littering too seriously...this land was pristine and pure before these beasts arrived...

and by the way...the devil got a good point...

one thing that Gringo's do is LITTER

so please understand if you littering in the town of annandale you are engaging in gringo white boy behavior

okay my spanish speaking gringos?

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Re: Littering in Annandale - east
Posted by: ilitterallthetime ()
Date: May 18, 2019 07:03AM

I stopped throwing my plastic bottles in a garbage can a long time ago. Now I just throw them out the window when I'm driving through that shitty town of Annandale. Do you know what was in Annandale before the buildings? Trees. What are buildings? Man made objects that required trees to be cut down - therefore buildings can also be considered litter.

So before you get all worked up consider that car you are driving is also litter because it's a man made object that is parked in nature- a place where roads and buildings didn't exist prior to men building roads = litter. You fucking litter bug. Why don't you sell your car and rid the world of more litter

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Re: Littering in Annandale - east
Posted by: mahdi keyachesmuk mud ()
Date: May 25, 2019 11:07PM

stop littering gringa

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