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Danny McGrath
Posted by: EricS ()
Date: March 06, 2015 09:48AM

Danny McGrath was the head football coach at Loudoun Valley HS. He was a former lineman at Herndon and then VA tech. I finally heard why LVHS fired his stupid ass. Turns out he was grabbing high school boys dicks. Specifically the Junior varsity players. The man is a flaming homosexual. He's also into heavy drug and alcohol use. You could say he's a lush. Still having him teaching is a liability. The man has porn on his phone and pictures of high school boys dicks. This guy is a clown...I'm surprised he had the Jon for as long as he did. He's also racist. Would call his black players monkeys and the Spanish players spics. I know for a fact he comes to work high and drunk. Probably explains why he's always flirting with students and passing out in the teachers lounge. Plus he's late all the time. We need to start a petition to fire him. Danny McGrath is the last thing that Loudoun county needs.

Re: Danny McGrath
Posted by: Bob F ()
Date: March 06, 2015 09:50AM

I heard the same thing...allegedly he showed his dick to his players to prove a point. He's a pervert and an asshole. Next thing you'll hear about him is raping a student.

Re: Danny McGrath
Posted by: Pete ()
Date: March 07, 2015 09:27AM

This dude is a joke. He was overrated as a player and just proved himself unworthy as a coach and teacher. I heard VA techs football team dropped him for always being drunk and high at practice. Dude is a real piece of work. Without a doubt the dumbest teacher in the school. I can't believe he ever got a MA let alone a BA. Tech probably passed him on so that he would get in so many on campus fights and brawls when he was drunk which was almost every day. I remember once when I was a Junior he got caught in bed with a freshman player. I knew he was gay but I didn't know he was a pedophile. Danny McGrath is a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to teach in Loudoun or anywhere else for that matter.

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