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This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: Sound familiar? ()
Date: March 17, 2012 05:58AM

A guy is diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome (high functioning Autism, or a lesser form of Autism), and is yet to discover fully functional social skills. He works with children, and some of his actions are misinterpreted by some people as being that he wants to touch them. He is attacked and hounded, and told that he is crazy. Different people impersonate him on different places with the sole purpose to make him look crazy. Someone makes a whole web domain solely devoted to ruining his life. He says that it is exposing him and protecting little kids from him. No little kids have ever been harmed by him. This guy is never allowed to work with children again, and is locked away in a mental institution, because people can't understand what he is trying to say or do.

How I came to know about this

I heard these people talking about this guy who they said was harassing them, and all of these people were going to lengths to harass him. What had he done? And then I saw him protest that these people had launched a massive smear campaign, and he provided evidence that they were stalking him. He pleaded with people to help him out, to try to remedy this situation. But instead, he just got some nasty comments, extraordinarily nasty, and then people attacked him even more. And that just didn't add up to me.

Why I took his side

The person who had created the domain name to attack him had also created a second place that was devoted to cyber stalking people, and making fun of them. There was evidence of this person impersonating several people with the sole aim of trying to get them in to trouble, provide misrepresentations of them, and to smear their names - just for his own personal amusement. This person had no credibility. And the way that he set it up was not some public service announcement. You shouldn't need to be creating a whole web domain to talk about a paedophile. You should be able to go to the police and have him arrested. And people being falsely accused of paedophilia can ruin their lives. Whilst I guess that I didn't know for sure whether he really was a paedophile, what I did know was that he was the victim of cyber stalking. Paedophile or not, he didn't deserve for that to happen to him. And until there is some evidence that he is actually guilty, it shouldn't be happening. Until there is actually a child who he has actually touched, then at worst he is guilty of thought crime. And thinking bad thoughts is not a crime. And when you take into the account that he is autistic, and has difficulty expressing himself, it is quite possible, and in fact very likely that perhaps he didn't intend to touch them at all. And really, you shouldn't be doing this. This is appealing to the lowest common denominator. Why not accuse him of being far too obsessed with cars? Why not accuse him of eating too much steak? Its just really wrong to do this. And it ruined his life. I don't think that anyone deserves that.

Re: This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: for free help ()
Date: March 17, 2012 06:17AM


Re: This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: humpa ()
Date: March 28, 2012 02:29AM

This posting sounds like its about someone here

Re: This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: creepy ()
Date: March 28, 2012 02:54AM

Very creepy that this post was written on another website but sounds exactly like you know who's situatiom as well as some other things that happen here. Just goes to show this isn't the only place on the interwebs that shit takes place at.

Re: This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: cyber scumbag, exhibit A. ()
Date: March 28, 2012 04:45PM


Re: This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: oh please ()
Date: March 28, 2012 04:53PM

No one gives a fuck about either of those dudes anymore if you hadn't noticed recently. That's old news and an email from miz, by miz, to miz, no one gives a fuck. Get some new material!

Re: This sounds like Fairfax Underground
Posted by: not miz ()
Date: March 28, 2012 04:56PM

As creepy and similuar as that all sounds from not only it describing what happened to miz almost and other things that have gone on here this isn't about miz..he didn't work with kids..and thank goodness for that lololol..but if you copy and paste and google this post the site it was first on comes up and is from 2006 or so...

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