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Give Us Your Guns, Goyim
Posted by: Perhaps ()
Date: March 16, 2023 06:16PM

As these Jews seek to escalate their revolution against they American people, they escalate their demands for your firearms:


But are Americans starting to catch on to how evil these Jews are?

Re: Give Us Your Guns, Goyim
Posted by: Biden IS Lost ()
Date: March 16, 2023 11:36PM

He is a old uncaring still smug and arrogantly rich Democrat presidential embarrassment to his supporters who must keep his failures as president hidden as best as they can

Until his term ends in further failure he is no more then a dog with a bark and no teeth to bite

His political party lost the House majority due to Bidens and his Democrats failure to responsibly lead the USA

We the people lost vast numbers of billions in personal spending income as a result with the poorest Americana always being hurt the worse by Democrats over spending and the economic fallout it causes

Re: Give Us Your Guns, Goyim
Posted by: Which has no bearing on .. ()
Date: March 16, 2023 11:38PM


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