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JOE BIDENS Inflation Has People Stealing Live Lobsters
Posted by: Shoplifting Coat Tailor ()
Date: January 24, 2023 12:12PM


What crazy zany things people will do today pressured by uncaring rich man JOE Bidens massive inflation caused by his reckless woke Democrat policies

Now we hear that up in Annapolis Md some one had to steal a live lobster from a restaurant while the usual thuggish liberal business goes on and in far left California cray crays are shooting up the towns killing and wounding innocents in gun free safe zones when killers have guns lawful people are disarmed and armed police that are needed in seconds to save lives are only minutes away when split seconds by another armed good soul can count to stop the wacko shooter

You cant get a word in edgewise with liberals they just think mass killings are great to push their attempts to violate our rights to get what ? Some freakish fantasy world they live in where all thats right is wrong and wrong is right

Why should I bitch maybe a insulated secret inner pocket coat helped that hungry shopper with no money after all my income has greatly increased since JOE came in but Im only one of the few who has every one else is suffering from Reckless JOE and his Democrat greedy lust to overspend to try to get Democrat votes but this time their plans backfired badly right back into their faces

What can I say Its a virginia voting year to get us back into better time the people need to toss all Democrats they can out this Nov 2023 by voting them out even if they have to write in Grow Weed Freely's name

Re: JOE BIDENS Inflation Has People Stealing Live Lobsters
Posted by: Political Scientist ()
Date: January 24, 2023 12:44PM

Actually if Democrats lost by enough of their voters writing in Grow Weed Freely both the Gop and Democrats would be getting a very big very serious message to do just that or face losing their hats and asses if they did not get that weed soaked ball going

Of course there would have to be rules written into laws to do that to keep weed out of those under age 18 s hands as weed does ruin young peoples potential so making the legal age to grow 55 would allow older wiser people to make their later years more mellow

But even if age 18 was allowed still the problem weed creates would be really reduced from where it is today Democrats plans of high taxation of legal weed is a scheme to keep the pusher man in business you could call their legal wed scheme a relief act for drug pushers and rich liberals who will get the licenses to see the taxed to hell legal weed while public land or private property legal untaxed grow would take care of the while problems in the best most simple way , anyone who has seen weed soaked weed smokes can figure out fast that a lousy 4 plants is not enough to let them blaze with their smoked up friends

So let the kindest of buds grow free and legal untaxed as the founders did while we try to understand why libs who cant live and let live ever created this ileag weed monster in the first place

Libs in Hollywood after all made that movie Reefer Madness long a comedy since weed smokes started popping up like weed itself in the USA as for me my kind bud still is and will be Budwieser as it makes me wiser with Budweiser no blazing the weed blunt for me I like to get up bright eyed and bushy tailed early to make my day happy and wise in nature after a single Budweiser at dinner the night before

Re: JOE BIDENS Inflation Has People Stealing Live Lobsters
Posted by: Phil McCrackin ()
Date: January 24, 2023 05:30PM

Asking for a friend... where was dat nigga Jameis Winston when this happened?

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