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The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: "There Not Going To Stop ! ()
Date: January 06, 2022 10:14PM

There not going to stop ! This is a movement there not going to stop "

Kamala Harris US VP today statement in 2020 smiling as she spoke of the violent Democrat supporting thugs committing arson looting and rioting because one police officer ruthlessly violated George Floyds rights that took his life
They were angry but with Democrats statements today about insurrectionists without a word about 2020's violent rioters that's a hypocritical statement by Harris !

On Jan 6th 2021 a group of people were angry about the election of 2020 the first US election where mass mail in voting was used and serious violations of election laws were committed in favor of JOE Biden .President Trump lawfully spoke out about these actions taken by Democrats , he had every right to do so and file suits if he wished

NO Different as what Hillary Clintons Democrats did in 2016 when judges gave Democrat and other candidates special compensation like Jill Stein for recounts that state law did not allow , rules were broken to aid Hillary but to no avail, Democrats even organized has been semi famous B list Hollywood actors to make a video begging the electoral college to cast unfaithful votes Trump won for Hillary but in the end democracy ruled, and Trump was sworn in which was the final result of the election in 2020 as well as Joe Biden took his oath of office as US president

If Joe Biden and Democrats statements about an "insurrection" were true Then

WHY DID NOT the police at the scene all of whom were armed open fire and stop the attackers if it was such a great danger to congress, the US Capital has vaults with full auto weapons for last stands why did the police not break them out and open up with the belt feds which would have made short work of stopping the riot

THE ANSWER Because the rioters were not armed , because it was not a insurrection, that's all lies to damage President Trump and that's all it is by the lying Democrats and their loving media. Furthur where the women was killed in the Capital there were lots of fully armed federal officers' protecting congress with them who could have mowed down the invaders with real gunfire not protest signs and sticks if the rioters actually got thru into their area

It was an angry violent rumble a riot no different then the riots in 2020 with some police getting truly hurt and one woman getting killed by a police officer who was not armed , which should be sent to a federal grand jury . 4 others died one a police office said to be killed by the mob then later said to have died of natural causes and people way out of shape who died walking around the area which Democrats put in with the women's death to up the count to 5 dead

Lots of people have very dangerous jobs they choose their life's work police are not the only ones who face danger

If any stupid unfaithful US Constitution attacking SOB's communist or not every try to do what occurred on Jan 6th 2021 and they are armed with firearms and use or threaten to use them then the police and national guard need to lay waste to them as that would be a real insurrection

The riot on Jan 6th 2021 was not an insurrection, it was a protest riot that became violent so Democrats stop your lies to divide the people again and damage President Trump when you elected the worst US President Of All Time one term Joe Biden and forced new election laws millions see as enabling cheats for Democrats when all that had to be done was letting people vote for the 24 hours of election day to thin out the crowds due to covid and allow more people to vote legally and fairly

Democrats its not working once more just look at the US Southern border disaster and the disaster of Afghanistan where 800 billion in US weapons now wait to kill American troops in the hands of the enemy . TWO truly impeachable offenses JOE Biden will answer to congress in due time after 2022.

On another Jan 6th 2021 subject its reported some people told the mob to go to the capital to attack it, who were they . I say they were Democrat red herring activists to create anger with the hot heads in the crowd , Then WHY did House Speaker Nancy third in succession to the president and the most powerful person in the capital refuse DC National Guard back up troops on Jan 5th 2021 that could have repelled the thugs trying to enter the Capital and what about the videos showing Capital police opening doors letting in people freely . Nothing ! Just silence from Democrats on all of this

Start acting like Americans again Democrats and stop the lies to let us heal and move on for the last 5 years all you have done is attack those who voted for President Trump and the president himself because she had it in the bag on election day then suddenly, SHE LOST! You need to pass an act to pay President Trump generous royalties for all the time he lives in your heads and entertain you even if your ideal entertainment is stupidly raging on and on

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: Nice job, comrade ()
Date: January 06, 2022 10:22PM

Nice job, comrade, nice attempt to further divide our country. Extra rubles for you and an extra turnip at lunch time.

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: Tell Us Comrade Why ! ()
Date: January 06, 2022 10:49PM

Just because I am the most skilled machinist in the people's factory why should I work more then one hour a day when you laze and smoke weed all day and make as much as me

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: Democrat Hypocrite Watcher ()
Date: January 06, 2022 11:05PM

>"Nice job, comrade, nice attempt to further divide our country. Extra rubles for you and an extra turnip at lunch time."

LMAO seeing Democrats trying to take the "Im a patriot" high road after 5 years of obstruction resistance slow walking and un-American acts , then actually attempting to pass around the "divide our county bit " when that's all they did for the last 5 and they have not stopped yet nor will they ever .

Democrats the weakest most worthless political party in US history on defending our sovereign borders and our nation as they would rather spend trillions on social welfare for votes then our national defense

Just look at the latest trillions squandered on BS and JOE and his Dems want even more as China builds the largest navy and they speak only of water rising 50 years from now maybe or maybe not

Liars and hypocrites !

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: Now Now Children! ()
Date: January 06, 2022 11:07PM

No need to think about anything Joe says he is the worst US president and will very likely be removed by impeachment in 2023 or 24 when the American people have had enough

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: http://www.fairfaxunderground.co ()
Date: January 07, 2022 03:03AM

When you die, everyone will remember how stupid you were.

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: TLDR OP ()
Date: January 07, 2022 10:11PM

OP your post was far too long to read. You could have said it much more succinctly by just saying Democrats are all America hating liars and Joe Biden is a child molesting senile old fool. Fuck them both.

Re: The Big Democrat Lie "It Was An Insurrection" Jan 6th 2021
Posted by: Its All Pretty Simple ()
Date: January 08, 2022 12:58PM

She Lost ! So Democrats lost the 3 unfaithful US constitution smashers they would have had on the Supreme Court of the United States to rig every courts decisions to the Democrats favor .

Now the constitution is being upheld by President Trumps picks even though they have not always sided with Trump! And they totally hate it because they don't have full control over all US courts ,

The road to national socialism is not so smooth anymore to them ,the national defense greater ,the leeches may have to work more often ,the unborn babies may be allowed to live ,the guns may be kept and carried freely by the lawful , the criminals punished , the borders secured, the economy far better, the unemployment way down, all people of all races treated as equals not one race placed above all others all of which will occur with President Trumps reelection

They hate the very thought of all of that ,they become enraged and seethe at the thought. They must stop Trump at all costs , no lies are too horrible, all stops must be pulled out. all fake deceptions and attacks made

Its their ugly unconstitutional "Democrat Democracy of National Socialism" that is at risk !

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