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Suicide prevention
Posted by: Trufth tells ()
Date: November 07, 2019 03:58PM

.stay away from these two.

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Re: Suicide prevention
Posted by: 3rfrgbggrerwe ()
Date: November 07, 2019 07:14PM

gerrymanderer2 (OP) posts several lies on ffu daily - many\.10think he's a fx co gov worker who is getting paid to do it for false DNC democrat "advertising". he floods ffu with useless posts to bump down major news, posts fecal matter, mutilated bodies, child porn, foreign drug ads and sneaker ads, tells people to kill themselves and government should seize them and put them on psych pills in prison - decided by democrat gov of course, promotes kangaroo courthouse trials, gives anti-religious rants, gives satanic ritual rants, posts black males with large dicks on white young females, portends white low birth rate and fall of USA, food tampering/poisoning, and anything possible to DEMORALIZE white people on ffu. (perhaps a chinese prisoner or isis member - but definitely knowledgeable of fx co gov from the inside at times). the website operator has told him "not to post or return" which are still posted - not removed, by the sysop: not because of a political leaning but for continual illegal and gross spam along with messages that are only to demoralize if not kill others. he/she plays at financial terrorism as well: continuall reporting false financial data, and fake emergency please from (fake members of the community he makes up)


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Re: Suicide prevention
Posted by: A greatfull citizen ()
Date: November 08, 2019 11:32PM


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