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Best place to get Ringtones
Posted by: scott ()
Date: February 23, 2007 09:01AM

Anyone know the best place to get Ringtones for a cell phone? (Verizon Razr V3M to be exact)
I usually use a present ringtone, but dont like any on this phone. I am not familiar with Verizons Vcast and seems to be pricey when all I want is one single ringtone. Dont want to pay monthly fees and I dont need 10 different ring tones or wallpaper etc.. Any suggestions?

Re: Best place to get Ringtones
Posted by: Scott ()
Date: February 23, 2007 03:15PM

In case anyone cares, I found a decent site. phonezoo . com

You can send ringtones to your phone via txt message. Though I am finding the quality is not the greatest.

Re: Best place to get Ringtones
Posted by: misfit ()
Date: October 17, 2007 09:58PM

I just started a new site. http://cellfiles.org . i tyr to only make quality ringones i have a gallery full of images with plenty more to add. ringtones are slim as im trying to work 40 hrs and make them or upload what i got. but requests are welcome

Re: Best place to get Ringtones
Posted by: D'Umb ()
Date: October 19, 2007 08:40AM

I make my own ringtones which isn't so difficult: rip a track > edit the section you want (remember to fade the end) > save as mp3 > upload to phone.
There's a good online tool also: http://www.makeownringtone.com

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