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Exhibitionist women
Posted by: looker ()
Date: April 11, 2019 10:43AM

Do any of men on here like it if their woman is a bit of a show off.. such as going braless, wearing short shorts, short skirts, being careless as she bends over or squats in dress's and such
I like it to a degree..around younger men or much older men who just smile.. take it in calmly and politely ..as long as she makes it appear accidental. Not like she is a Ho trying to get F'd...

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: YXPFS ()
Date: April 11, 2019 11:26AM

My brother's wife used to do that. The only thing he insisted on was she wear a shirt that said EAT YOUR HEART OUT, I'M MARRIED. She agreed and no more problem.

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: Works for me ()
Date: April 11, 2019 11:29AM

Sure, what's the point in having a hot girlfriend if guys aren't going crazy over her. I don't even care if my girlfriends sleep with other guys. As long as I'm allowed to do the same. Mutual relationship.

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: Pointer outer of things ()
Date: April 11, 2019 11:37AM

Works for me Wrote:
> I don't even
> care if my girlfriends sleep with other guys. As
> long as I'm allowed to do the same. Mutual
> relationship.

So she can sleep with a guy as long as you can sleep with a guy, too, huh? So in reality, you're just gay. If you're going to be gay, just don't bother with the chicks. Stick to the turd burglars.

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: layslow ()
Date: April 12, 2019 04:41AM

when we were younger my wife was decent looking, no super hottie but had a great ass. I used to love old guys looking at her, especially when she wore the super short gym style shorts to the store or something and her ass cheeks would hang out, often showing just a peek of her panties and i could see the dreams running thru their minds. She would never go braless . even though she was just a B cup. Had a few accidents through the years as she wore skirts very often (giving accidental peeks)..Once at a shoe store in springfield mall she was browsing and they had one of those floor mirrors tilted up.. she bent over near it and had a fairly short skirt on..(prob 1980ish give or take) and i saw a high school kid off to her side looking into that mirror behind her and he could see it all..(little sheer tiny white panties).. I thought he was going to unload in his pants.

Re: Exhibitionist women
Date: April 12, 2019 10:11AM

Had a girlfriend once who loved to go out without panties.

It didn't actually do anything for me.

Well, that's not quite accurate.
It excited her and then SHE did things to me when we got back home.
So I thought it was a fine idea.

She liked to describe herself as "one sexy bitch".

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: layslow ()
Date: April 12, 2019 11:44AM

..I love when other men politely look at my woman in a positive way.. but i love looking at other men's women too.. and of course single women..grateful for any peek look or sexy show i can get.. lol.. i guess it goes back to my youth.. from the age of 15 till just after High School i worked in Service Stations part time and summers. Every one of them had peep holes in the ladies room..thank goodness i have no interest in watching ladies use the bathroom.. I liked seeing them pull up their mini skirts and such but kinda yuk when they did their business.. not i did enjoy cleaning their windshields. Several stood out to me, but one was a family.. husband driving.. wife in the passenger seat. Kids all over the back and her skirt would be up practically around her waist.. just fairly average white cotton panties on. sometimes pantyhose.. i loved it.. as i got older i figured out that they probably enjoyed it too.. got a thrill out of teasing the teen age boy.. him going home and having what i was just dreaming about.. getting myself off thinking about it...

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: oldgymman ()
Date: April 18, 2019 07:30AM

I love seeing some of the (mostly young) girls at the gym.. I love my older women and even their flawed bodies.. as is mine...but they don't show it off.. some of those younger ladies wear the tightest yoga pants or whatever they are. just like they are painted on.. some of the tops too.. although you don't see as many nipples as i would like .. and expect.. no way they are wearing panties.. would love to bury my face in some of that ass...

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: looker ()
Date: April 19, 2019 07:39PM

I mean even an average looking woman.. and maybe not even dressing super sexy.. just a normal top on occasion..not see through..without a bra.. super tight pants.. maybe some really tight slightly see thru leggings..or a little careless in a somewhat normal dress and maybe accidentally giving a little glimpse of panty or the like. even pantyhose.. this will prob gross you guys out..especially the younger ones.. i saw a nice looking lady at the beach once.. could see the corners of her pussy hair sticking out of her swimsuit.. i loved it.. as long as it is totally clean.. washed.. fresh and smelling good.. pussy hair is ok with me

Re: Exhibitionist women
Posted by: Al Bundy ()
Date: December 21, 2019 09:55AM

I would get a part time job selling ladies shoes if i thought i would get a steady diet up upskirt looks.. panties.. pantyhose.. hairy pussy.. whatever..spanx even .. all good.. but i have a feeling that i would just see heinous looking women.. mostly in slacks.. maybe some leggings.. very little of what i wanted to see.. .and as far as just looking goes i am not that pickey.. maybe under 200 lbs and if they are old be in fairly decent shape for your age

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