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Just venting through--
Posted by: nowhere is safe ()
Date: November 30, 2015 06:37AM

How can a "so called friend" call me selfish if I refuse to lend them some money?

I have not gotten paid from the last time they borrowed $500- and now they want to borrow another $500- and I say no, they call ME selfish???

The kids need food/diapers- I'm running to the target/grocery to pick that up for them, no problem. New toys are NOT a need but a want, but I'll get a simple educational toy or some books to keep kiddo happy.

Your car is broke down- sure I can give you a ride to work/lend you my spare car for a few days. I need it back in a week though, insurance is a bear.

Electric about to get cut- I'll run to the power company and see what I can do ONLY because you have kids in the house (usually they had MONTHS to fix it and wait until the last minute when it's cold out and they need their heat and lights to ask for help, which pisses me off).

But put cash in your hands? FUCK NO. Last $500 I gave, I noticed 2 weeks later they had a new gaming system in their house- and the car note (what they borrowed for supposedly) still went unpaid!! The car was repo'd anyways about 3 weeks after that...and now they drive a true rustbucket.

Fool me once, won't get fooled again! LOL Bush but anyway....

How am I the selfish one when you obviously blew it the first chance I gave you? Even if i never got the money back, its the PRINCIPLE.

They are just jealous because I knew how to manage my money- sad part is I make LESS than they did, yet still manage to keep my mortgage paid, my car running and insured, lights on, and plenty of food in the house! they went on vacations and bought designer clothes and shoes for the kids- well Jordans don't put food on the table or pay the lights, sorry!!! Some chuck taylors and target clothes would have been fine but nope, polo and jordan for the kids- who outgrew it in 6 months anyways!! LOL

It was all THEIR BAD CHOICES that led to their situation now- and now they want ME to fix it when I had nothing to do with their bad choices!!! I bet they get it now!!!

And I'm not trying to brag or boast- I'm just saying I made better choices in life and am now living comfy while they struggle....

Just something to think about yaknow?

Re: Just venting through--
Posted by: Rockstar ()
Date: November 30, 2015 10:40AM

With you. Don't be an enabler. Some people need hard lessons to learn good financial management strategies.

Re: Just venting through--
Posted by: Sillary Clit ()
Date: November 30, 2015 04:03PM

White privilege

Re: Just venting through--
Posted by: selkruxfnhj ()
Date: November 30, 2015 04:30PM

Give your friend directions to Lamb Center

Re: Just venting through--
Posted by: Don't Be Stupid ()
Date: November 30, 2015 05:00PM

For the love of God, don't give these people ANYTHING, certainly not the use of your car which they could trash and then blame you. These people have you pegged as a sucker, and they know that any mention of the kids brings out your wallet. These are not friends - they are leaches. And they will continue to suck your blood until you finally drop them.

Re: Just venting through--
Posted by: See? 'send them to TLC'? ()
Date: December 06, 2015 07:42AM

selkruxfnhj Wrote:
> Give your friend directions to Lamb Center

Thanks for the 'vote'!
FXU admin has a seriously opinionated attitude towards TLC subject matter being posted by MANY interested trolls.
It is a Fairfax, VA. subject matter being moved to off topic?
Thousands of posts being deleted.
In a 'feel free to post anything FX citizens would find intersting'?
Then, why all this censorship without a legit leg to stand on for doing it?

Re: Just venting through--
Posted by: neEU4 ()
Date: December 06, 2015 07:52AM

See? 'send them to TLC'? Wrote:

> Then, why all this censorship without a legit leg
> to stand on for doing it?

the admin (who is male) can do whatever they like - they own the site

you do not like it? leave

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