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My life
Posted by: 1-800 GET SEXY ()
Date: November 16, 2015 09:24AM

"God not another one," I think to myself answering another phone call from what I can only assume is another "lonely man," looking for affection.

"Hello there sexy this is Peachy," I answer with a plastic smile puffing on a cigarette.

The response from the middle aged man on the another end is best described as creative to say the least. Spewing out fantasy after fantasy all the while trying to fulfill his every desire. By the time he hangs up he'll most likely need to explain to his wife the $350 charge from "the local public library." Unfortunately, I'll be lucky if I see $50 from that call. It's just how it works. I should be using the money for school, how did it get to this? Alcohol replaces coffee as a means to get through my scheduled shift mandated by the company I work for based out of Los Angeles California. The hours are ok, I can work here in VA, and sometimes I get lucky and can make $300. Especially around the holidays and Valentine's Day. I fight for those shifts like a hungry alligator.

If you haven't caught on by now I'm a freelance erotic phone operator. I work from my house in Springfield, VA and been doing it for 2 years or so. After I was laid off from K-Mart followed by a bitter divorce with my ex I decided to venture into a new profession. I often think about my daughter who lives with my sleazy ex down in North Carolina. Looking at her picture gives me strength to get through the day because in doing this, I'll be able to save up enough to visit her down in North Carolina by Christmas. I don't necessarily feel confident in my line of work. But what is a 27 year old divorcee with no skills, education, or opportunity going to do?

20 minutes before the start of my shift I receive a text message notifying me that I'm about to start. I'm not stupid though. Using my personal phone would be my ultimate mistake. Even though the customer calls the hotline and the call is rerouted to my secondary "Pay As You Go Phone," something tells me I might get distracted by Jenny from 2 floors down calling to tell me about her day and the countless texts from Mom keeping me updated about Dad's health. No sooner does the first call come in and I immediately switch from 27 year old divorcee mother of one to the lustful Peachy.

The voice on the other end is filled with heavy breathing as he introduces himself as Saul. Saul instructs me to undress followed by detailed instructions of what I am to do and what he is going to do. The breathing gets heavier, taking another shot of whiskey I moan louder and louder. Thank god the neighbor moved out 4 months ago and left the place vacant. Then I hear the voice on the other end almost breath a sigh of relief. We say our good byes and I hang up, anxiously awaiting the next call.

In this line of work you get to talk to people from all different walks of life. I had a man call up one time just needing someone to talk to. He said that he was depressed and thinking about suicide. Said he didn't mind paying for the charges he just needed someone other than a counselor who would surely try their best to talk him out of it. I had another caller who claimed that he was a high school math teacher and wanted to live out a fantasy between him and one of his students. I had a zoo keeper call up wanting to talk with me in the monkey cage. The teenagers are the best. They call in using their best deep voice stuttering to finish a sentence. Along with it being illegal, I somehow feel sympathy for the inevitable ass whipping from the parents the kid will receive. I usually just ask them if it's Mom or Dad's credit card they're using. No sooner does the line go dead. Of course there are some boundaries which I will not cross and the company knows this. Which is why prior to assuming a position here we are required to complete a "No Limits," of subjects and acts which we won't tolerate. Of course the basic being anything pedophilia, incest, or animal related I will not do. Personally, rape and violent abuse are lines I won't cross due to personal reasons. I think about my ex husband and wonder if by some paradox he will call me up and Peaches will give him a 30 minute fantasy? Of course doing so would only make me think about Jocelyn. Wondering whether or not she is thinking of me? By the end of the shift I made $200. Not bad for a Thursday night. I figure put $50 away to see Jocelyn and the rest use towards expenses. My credit card bill is due soon. God how am I going to pay this rent coming up? I might need to work over time.

Re: My life
Posted by: eesh ()
Date: November 16, 2015 09:36AM

How long did it take you to come up with this?

Re: My life
Posted by: Rockstar ()
Date: November 16, 2015 09:49AM

I have a good friend down south doing this. She specializes in very specific fetishes. Limited audience but apparently when they find someone that works well with them they are very spendy.

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