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Source Code 2: The Tea Party Sequel
Posted by: Colter Stevens ()
Date: October 15, 2013 08:41PM

Watching the Tea Party/Republicans in the House and Ted Cruz badly acting their way through this current GOP manufactured crisis is like watching the movie Source Code.

It is tiresome, repetitive, and makes no Goddamn fucking sense.

They keep re-running the same plot theme over and over again - repeal ObamaCare to Open the Government and Raise the Debt Ceiling and avoid a train wreck - and they keep coming up with the same answer - that they are not ever going to make any true progress on ObamaCare, the Government is Shutdown, and failing to raise the Debt Ceiling is going to be a train wreck that will crash the economy. So geniuses that they are, they do it again and again and again.

Why? Because they know they can't affect ObamaCare and they actually want to shut down the Government and force a default on the national debt so there is a train wreck.

This Tea Party Source Code theme enters deep WTF territory as soon as it disregards its own internal logic, logic which was already pretty shaky to begin with - that ObamaCare was an abysmal failure before it even got started, the Government is bad, and the credit worthiness of the US Government doesn't matter. Three false premises out of the gate.

After talking over and over again about how ObamaCare is a failure, Ted Cruz is revealed to be a barely-conscious torso wired up to the Tea Party machine in a Koch Whore sponsored lab. The Tea Party machines are what keeps him alive and going back to the Congressional crime scene, but only he is inside the mind of some poor, long-dead worthless alcoholic schmuck named John Boehner, operating in an alternate reality-style scenario.

So, when Cruz's mission is incomplete and the Tea Party machines (along with his life-support) are shut down, his life should go the same way. Pfft.

Except it doesn’t. Instead, Cruz gets resurrected over and over again and continues to live in an alternate Tea Party universe, with his consciousness somehow transferred over to begin the cycle all over again.

It’s a nice idea, that Cruz can live again as an able-bodied man with the hot girl he just picked up in front of the White House next to the Impeach Obama Sign and the Confederate flag (Sarah Palin) but I think there is another ending.

The problem is, it just doesn’t work. Palin has one mongoloid child already and even with all her talking head TV and book money - she can't afford to support another Mongoloid Child like Ted Cruz,

They should just fix the script so that Ted Cruz gets shut down and get it over with already.

Hopefully the train wreck never happens, the Government opens up, and millions of people get health care coverage.

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