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Mark Levin on WMAL
Posted by: FUNdamental ()
Date: October 19, 2008 02:26PM

Somehow I received the following email this morning;

Dear Mark Levin,

As you know, Colin Powell’s endorsement of Senator Obama was devastating for the McCain campaign, and we need to spin it the best we can on WMAL. Andy Parks has been instructed to say on the air all next week it was a racial thing. We need you to introduce this talking point; “Powell’s judgment is awful. Remember when he went before the UN with those posters of stick man figures and crudely drawn chemical lab trucks representing Iraq’s WMD’s that we pretty much knew didn’t exist?” With your help, Mark, we can question Powell’s involvement in getting us into this costly mess in Iraq, and we can blame Powell for abandoning the Bush administration when things got bad (bad things that he created as Secretary of State). Sean and Rush have promised to continue with the terrorism\Acorn angle, and Sarah will phone in to each show next week to talk about Saturday Night Live and how Amy Poehler and Bristol discussed nursery themes at the post show party. Thanks for your help, and if you have any other great ideas, please feel free to contact me. Also, destroy this email immediately after you read it. Best, Rick Davis.

Is this important?

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