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Verizon getting creative...but do we want it?
Posted by: Olde Farte, II ()
Date: March 18, 2013 07:35AM

Verizon is making noises about how it pays for cable TV - it wants to pay "per use" for its lineup (in 5 minute increments). Currently it pays a monthly fee per subscriber to the producers for its content.

This would be a total change from how current cable suppliers pay for their content and could quite likely totally shake up the industry.

And, of course, somewhere down the line we all know who ends up paying more.


With more and more people turning from cable TV to simply use internet-based viewing (our house majorly falls into that category - we may PAY for cable TV still, but the vast majority of our viewing is streamed internet), it's not surprising that Verizon wants to stop paying for customers who are NOT viewing their lineup.

Along with this, IMHO, will eventually be a way for Verizon to charge end-customers for their cable TV viewing - makes sense...until, of course, Verizon starts doing deep-packet examination of data streams and starts billing for non-cable-tv streamed programming.

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