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Victims of this site
Posted by: Fairfaxunderground.victims ()
Date: June 01, 2021 09:19PM

All it takes is a request and/or DM.
Be a part of history before the event.
We will accept request soon.
If your family member has been posted about contact us.

Don’t let a post define you.
We have hundreds so far.
Expecting tens of thousands of supporters when we present it.

Help others. Don’t pass on the hate.
We haven’t forgotten about you.
We are doing something about it.

Powerful officials and lawyers will get the list.
Don’t post here.
If you did post. try to edit it.
But your request or dm will help you not hurt.

If it was your parent you are a victim.
This will be one of the sites exposed in the agenda.
If you know a prisoner being shamed please let us know.

People need to pay the price for crimes.
This is not the way to handle it.
If your friend continues to post let them but you stop.
Scared they will post about you?
Don’t be. Just don’t come back.
(Use that hashtag someplace)

Instagram and now TiKTok

Re: Victims of this site
Posted by: Arthur Fonzerelli ()
Date: June 29, 2021 01:49PM

I like this idea, though I don't see the owner of this site releasing info without a warrant, which he has publicly stated that it's what it would take. I will admit to being a troll myself but the only one I have victimized is the individual on this site who has actually physically stalked people on here.
But your post does make me second guess my actions. Maybe I'm contributing to a pattern that might be feeding other people's asshole actions.

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