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Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Your mother shoulda swallowed ()
Date: April 03, 2021 09:55AM

You didn’t know your dad.
You like pistol grip nozzles.
You prob think PWCDFR is a real fire department instead of an ems department that occasionally puts out fires
You get pussy at family reunions
You sit down when you pee
You ruined whatever semblance of the fire department PW ever had

Yeah you won but your eyes are still red and running from all the cocks you had to suck and loads you had to take to get here and people still leave your shitty department.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: cad2cad butthurts ()
Date: April 08, 2021 04:46PM

so glad this has happened. I love paying over priced tax payers money for fairfax to serve my family instead of the clown show dfr because owl half ass staffs station 2. Brian Michael and jim McAllister you should be a shame.

shit Jim McAllister started this thread. aren't you happy what it caused. i remember you telling me that you did chief. probably a another distraction so you can cheat on your wife again

cager and Pagano are still a bitches. fight me faggot

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: L2598 on the frontlines ()
Date: April 14, 2021 08:44PM

Local 2598 would like to thank Christian alloway for getting his Johnson and Johnson vaccine.


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: The great lint fire of 2021 ()
Date: April 15, 2021 07:29PM

Where’s the great lint fire of 2021 go....

Did you take it down because somebody exposed your self aggrandizing ways.

Shawn how long were you gonna stand the front yard with that kid before one of your guys snapped a picture.

Would be a joke if they promote you. Arsonist piece of shit.

Can’t believe you’ve been a technician for 20 years. Normally there’s be honor in being a senior guy riding in the back. But look around you. The reason why there’s no 20 year guys in the back is because unless you are an absolute retard you get promoted in PW.

Carpetbaggers and retards unite. Everybody else decent moved on and your stuck. The fire service will be better off when you retire.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Riley is a faggot ()
Date: April 18, 2021 02:55PM

hi. just Riley to know you a faggot

-e14 c shift.

beta cuck fool. love to taste your daughters Beata cuck

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Brokeback mtn remake on bull run ()
Date: April 24, 2021 06:08PM

E524 has cleared that fire off waterfall drive three times now. 2 box alarms and the engine being towed off the scene.... what’s your excuse....

Now that you’ve been fully staffed on the “significantly more retarded end” of PWC for years. Can’t wait to hear it.

Chief Byrd’s retarded family could man that engine better than you all are “at this time”

Took three visits back to the scene of a one story house on a slab.... to put it out. Fire engine that’s babysitting the rubble breaks and goes out of service. How many different ways can you show how trash you are as a fire department. Can’t even run medicals without two paramedics onscene.

Decent people need to run for the hills. They are just gonna kill another unsuspecting poor soul and handwring for another 20 years. I cringe when units from decent fire departments have to respond into that hellhole of zero accountability.

Ps. Having an accent doesn’t make you a better firefighter. It means you sucked so bad that wherever your from the lowest scummiest departments wouldn’t hire you. So you got picked up by the worst FD in northern Virginia

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Rekindle tracker at 1F ()
Date: April 24, 2021 09:18PM

backkkkk to zero


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Excuse gang gang ()
Date: April 25, 2021 09:15AM

Another paid engine picking up the volunteers engine’s line in their own first due last night.

And the fire went out. Imagine that.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Shawn Bliss’s parole officer ()
Date: April 27, 2021 09:47PM

If you can’t show up first to your first due
You shouldn’t be able to be paid to be a firefighter.
gOoD WoRk DoESnT cOmE ChEaP


If you are offended by this post then straighten the fuck up and get your shit together

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: next level of bull shit ()
Date: May 05, 2021 06:08AM

yo yo

cager is a bitch ass wanna be nigga...yes we went to high school together and also....got your address. mhnmmmmmm


the dfr has alot of weakness on tactics but 23B is WEAK AND WITH BC ROSS. nigga you on drugs if you think you manage a good battalion. look a carauna ugly ass.

hope you like fairfax running into the NORTHERN OWL billycampbellisawackassbitchwithasmallpp)


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: fucking chief clark ()
Date: May 05, 2021 04:04PM

dear owl and to one of its POS former chiefs.

mike Clark.

you are a piece of shit and the dfr and local are glad you have MS.

you were almost has bad has Bryan Michael and McAllister on calls.

can't walk buddy?!?!?! what is shaking

I know what's shaking

your fucking wife has a cuckold you and give her the penis she deserves.

and ben........you and the Bedford and dale city beta bitches go kill yourself or is it to soon?

yeah to the wife...see you Sunday for some fun because we both know your job at the city of fairfax sucks. the local will have fun on the gangbang...please bring the family to watch

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Shawn Bliss ()
Date: May 05, 2021 04:08PM

hey this is Shawn bliss

yes I fucked Stacey while she was dating Tim.

yes it was more than once.

yes her pussy fucking smells.

captain Tom mazzo
you have a bad taste in women

also......Stacey stinky pussy made me realize I am gay

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: My name is Elmer ()
Date: May 07, 2021 08:37AM

Hi my name is Elmer and I am a pathetic piece of shit. I live in a firehouse because I have no family and want to be just like my Asian butt buddy ragin cagin. I couldn’t hack it as a fireman in PG so I stay in Dale Shitty to look cool while being a complete idiot. I suck at fighting fires and try to act cool with all the little volunteer sluts in Dale Shitty by telling them I fight fires in Alexandria.
I also love to ride with career PWC because it prove how much of a pussy cunt I am and that’s what gets me off.

Yes I am a faggot ass pussy who lives to be just like my hero Chapel and enjoy that way his cock feels in my ass.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Jokes on jokes ()
Date: May 07, 2021 10:13PM

The most pussified cultureless ems department all around.

All y’all got jokes about guys that actually go to fire. What the fuck do you do at work all day. Most of you all wanna be those guys.

More fun to buddy up with your fellow overstaffed homies and mail it in on every box alarm.

Your best dudes couldn’t lace the boots of your volunteer predecessors. You’ll never admit it and that’s fine because we all know y’all are clown coward pieces of shit.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Fucking pathetic ()
Date: May 08, 2021 07:31PM

All dumb fucks are pathetic. You like you are all some hot shit yet are afraid your own chiefs. If you were all so fucking good why do you need career staff in your stations all the time? Oh yea because you are unreliable worthless pieces of shit. When was the last time Dale city went to a call and didn’t fuck something up? When was the last time they were even at a legit call? You talk all hot shit but the county doesn’t even run any legit calls anymore. Career and volunteer are inexperienced, but at least career can call themselves professionally. Even if it’s just putting up with your pathetic excuse for fire and ems. Hell you best members are career somewhere else and can’t even cut it as firefighters their. So they come back and try fucking people over. How about you worry more about actually doing your job and less about the tee shirts, stickers, and think you have idea about what you are talking about?
Just because you watch YouTube a lot and go to a couple classes doesn’t mean you are experts. You fucks do nothing to help your community expect steal their money. Just give up and go away. The systems sucks and not just because of leadership on both sides, but more to the fact you pathetic inbred cock holsters are allowed to continue because you cry like Democrat bitches. Please keep playing your games because when you are your boy Angry are exposed for the worthless pieces of shit that you are we will take everything from you and you can just curl up cry.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Above post ()
Date: May 08, 2021 11:46PM

You must have to beat your dick for hours just to achieve a sad weak erection.
There are depression meds you can take so you don’t feel you need to post on this thread that reeks of upset, spoiled, incel paid ffs with too much time on their hands.

Of course you have time to post on this thread. Since you voted to give yourself more hours at less pay.

Show me on the doll where the paid men that still volunteer touched you. I’d be a better look if you hadn’t settled and receive a paycheck for napping, wreck fire and ems apparatus, and bitching about things that you have no control over vs. fixing things you do have control over. PW sucks.

Like your shitty attitude. Your likely shitty job performance. But likely you will just turn over and beat some new dents into the sofa chairs as you whine with your coworkers.

You a paid fireman. You haven’t worked a hard day in your life. Quit your bitching.

You don’t deserve a raise in a pandemic. Do your fucking job.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Rather be a hoe than a pro ()
Date: May 08, 2021 11:59PM

Your “best guys”/current department leadership and big squad/truck men all stood outside a house while one of their own burned to death inside. Speaks for itself I think. Membership in denial because they don’t wanna face facts. Contrary to PWs hiring practices not everybody is cut out to be a firefighter.

Pour yourself a drink. It’s what I’d have to do to not off myself.

But keep lecturing volunteers about personal responsibility and professionalism.
Everybody sees it for what a joke you all are. Till you all face facts and get real you’ll forever be the worst department in NOVA.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: it's Kevin Toby! ()
Date: May 09, 2021 06:20PM

hey hey hey

shut up dale city. I got award for killing my coworker kyle Wilson, have the best biggest head retard truck driver (who played in the goonies) money can buy, and had the man, the myth, the guy who made a presentation in Seattle on being a closed minded fuck stick while wearing his suspenders down with his jacket on Andrew Hale. I also hate on my western union Brothers than on dale city because I am deep down insecure. I also talk way to much on the radio which is while my supervisor won't ever promote my no ass having self. Try me dale city. My reputation of being all talk, not really about it, house broke having ass...will crush you.

Also. Dave carrauna is better than me and fucks my wife on her birthday.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: My name is Sam kaye ()
Date: May 09, 2021 06:28PM

hey guys it's that no eye brow, incompetent medic, and more incompetent engine captain Sam kaye. you watch out dale city because I will cry to your members employment because I am a weak no back bone bitch. TRY ME DALE CITY. I will punish you with my union Brothers with our small penis.

also Dave carrauna fucks my wife on her birthday.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Dear prince william dfr & local ()
Date: May 09, 2021 06:45PM

hey now.....wanna play games....game on fuck sticks.

like talking shit....well HOW THE FUCK DOES E513 PUNK E518 TO FUCKING PRINCEDALE/DALE BLVD?!?!?!?

isn't E513 third due?

Talk shit all you want, but pound for pound. dale city crushes you in fire ground operations and tech rescue because 95% of YOUR BRAVE BROTHER AND SISTERS department is a joke, very incompetent, and wouldn't make it anywhere else. if you don't agree...please talk to your training division and upper management about it.

Stacey the 5 head and (apparently stinky pussy) is better than majority of your department.

On the next fire we run. most likely we will make a joke out of you. until then beat your chest so hard you become a joke on HIHFTY.

ps cager have your address. let's chat about air packs randomly going undone,your truck driver skills with taking windows, your hilarious house buying skills for buying 30k over price, how you flirt with newer dfr employees while your married, and how you are a fucking coward.

love to chat faggot

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: My N@m$ J0rDan Malpa$s ()
Date: May 10, 2021 09:41PM

hi I am Jordan Malpass and I am not only a dale city reject. I am a yorkshire inbred and work in a clown show department called Goochland. it's almost has good has Fauquier, quantico, or Stafford County. My friends say I remind them of Kevin from the Office but I can count I sware. just can't spell. but well well well well cager you are a pussy. bet you don't have the balls to talk shit to my face in person but you'll delete Facebook comments. I'll drop you and your shift. I might be fat but when you wake up you'll be still a two face coward and your wife is a dumpster whore.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Double royale with cheese ()
Date: May 11, 2021 08:08AM

My money is ole JM didn’t write this. He doesn’t have to talk about how good he is on the job.

But Roast away. You’ve been picking up his line in your first due for the last 20 years. Based on the current trend thats def not gonna change anytime soon.

Fat fuck or not.

Go do some burpees youll be able to run faster up the layout when he beats you to the hydrant in your first due.

Ugly bald guy on 10C go pick up some overtime or something. Stop posting this bullshit on your time off.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Bruh ()
Date: May 11, 2021 10:26AM

If you can’t spell stay off the thread, Retards

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Spotz ()
Date: May 11, 2021 01:35PM

Let’s end this thread. It’s stupid and hurtful.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: dfr on the full hatred ()
Date: May 13, 2021 04:59PM

oh Benjamin and or dale city

no no no and no

the hatred and mean name calling is going to get worse.

the goal is getting that pos tower. not because we the dfr can have it but your people suck!

bring it on.

next time we make a message feelings will be hurt.

Hool, Chappell, and owl beta cuckolds can't handle it.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: This is becoming fun ()
Date: May 13, 2021 06:37PM

It’s funny how you dumbass freeloaders (scabs) like to talk shit about people but can’t even look at yourself. If you are the gold standard then DFR are Olympic athletes and that’s sad to say. You give awards for just showing up to do your job and almost killing your own guys. Hell your level of experience is based off Fat ass malpass who can barely fit into the unit and needs special order gear and a retard who couldn’t even break a window with his tool to get out of a situation him and his officer out him in.

Keep your standard and keep bringing around your sluts for everyone to pass around. The only you do for the community is serve pancakes and give the old fucks a place to enjoy a night at bingo. Keep it up you are doing amazing.

Put up or shut up and keep making your boy angry looking like the POG he is. He is doing a great job looking like a clown on TV.

Ragin Cagin let your wife know I’ll be over soon don’t worry. We will send you the photos again.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Yawn ()
Date: May 14, 2021 02:32AM

Cajun probably can’t hear you over the sound of task force one deploying. Or the sound of PW guys on shift tapping out their FFX applications. SAD.

Keep slapping your meat and beating your keyboard keys. We know you like the big girls. We know all about your late night extra curricular activities on the clock.

And again. Everybody you mention has stories about them going inside the burning building bound to have a couple close calls if you actually subscribe to “for them” and “Danny would go” and all the other hard Dicked internet phrases you guys type to each other but don’t actually follow through ever.

Wild to me y’all are so proud. If anything it’s peak embarrassment to be a PWC paid “firefighter”. Buncha has beens and neverwases. 10% decent guys. 90% absolute loads.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: real men do it in person ()
Date: May 14, 2021 12:05PM

This slander and trash talking needs to stop. If you actually have a problem then confront them in person and not a secret forum. That is some coward shit.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: King Sterling ()
Date: May 15, 2021 04:54PM

Obviously the local firefighter companies attract lots of winners!

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: I KNOW WHO IT IS ()
Date: May 19, 2021 03:19PM

cager and that ginger fat ugly, thumb looking, chubby chaser from the spy kids movie on rescue 10c. WORRELL and CAGER your brothers have spilled the beans that you both have been the main ones of this drama the past 1.5 years. let the head hunting start. bet you will be crying harder than your union sucks vic angrys cock.

Worrell we all know you fucked Kaitlin at work on shift.better put a transfer in now.....or it will get worse. we have the pictures.


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: that is it ()
Date: May 19, 2021 06:02PM

this was the group of 23b, 20b, 10b,13b,18c,26a, 10 c, c502 c514, 512 a, and 17 c......put the personal together we got a Kyle Wilson favor fire

prince William county sucks alot of ass.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: party pooper ()
Date: May 20, 2021 10:49AM

Just stop this ignorant immature shit already.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: No personal beef ()
Date: June 05, 2021 02:14PM

Just wanted to say County Volunteers are here to stay. Happy to run calls even with you paid fellas that don’t want us here.


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Isn’t this fun ()
Date: June 11, 2021 05:55PM

56 hour work week
1 and 1 staffing
County chiefs dicking your own guys out of box alarms
Having a bunch of non firefighting medic chiefs cycle the checklists at every fire
Still having to deal with volunteers
Paid medics can’t assess and treat a tummy ache without a second medic onscene riding an engine that has zero als equipment

Great job guys. You are really killing it.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: FFX is open ()
Date: June 16, 2021 04:54AM

FYI crybabies

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: all i know is that both ()
Date: June 16, 2021 09:43AM

Vounteers and paidv firefighters both give exceptional head.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: BYE BYE CD ()
Date: June 19, 2021 10:17AM

good riddance. Have fun at 16 you nasty pervert. Hope there aren’t any impressionable volunteer emts there. Keep the cameras switched on.

A mix between Gollum and uncle fester is a great comparison. Gross

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Cuckold for Bc 503 b shift ()
Date: July 01, 2021 12:21AM

Fuck that Ross and his lack of respect his people have for him. DC Hendricks sees it.

I just want something known.

That Captain Moody is a fucking incompetent nigger. ems and fire calls. why are you in this job you POS nigger.sorry for using the hard R but you make your people look low, intelligent, and ignorant.

and that rescue LT at 10 on B shift.....

can't hack it in the fdny has a probie. the people under you think you are a joke. that is YOUR people. so do everyone a favor and go kill yourself you bald head, product of incest, fuck stick of a clown.

cager and hale I'm still waiting you fuck tards

hale.....where is the presentation on you being a retard on a cut with your suspenders down.

shaking my head....

ight I'm done with the shit talking but if the following wannabes like to fight...I'd love to make love.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: yo Chris jones ()
Date: July 02, 2021 11:20PM

yo Chris Jones from dale city. you so much of a clown that black people don't even want your clown ass. go do you,dale city, and your family a favor and go hang from a fat ass tree because that's all you can do best in this world.

thinking being a chief of cherry dale and a suck ass dpo in dale city makes you a fireman....then go talk to Megan wise on fact checks and ptsd.

let the real fireman know you wanna go kill yourself and we got you brother... and for megan......you look like a fucking fish with no dick sucking ability.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: tick69 ()
Date: July 03, 2021 11:42PM

Glad to see 11 is kept out of these discussions. Probably the best volly dept around with top notch leadership and solid operators. Puts the rest of you ticks to shame. It is a shame they have to change their name, im sure the president adn chief will do the right thing.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: yo tick69 ()
Date: July 04, 2021 11:00PM

why isn't 11 volleys aren't in this Tread or any tread...



or you wanna be like nokesville and suck the county dick

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: to bc503 and t520 b shift ()
Date: July 04, 2021 11:03PM

go fucking kill yourself.




Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: to the above coward statements ()
Date: July 04, 2021 11:08PM

we can tell this is some wanna be clown that likes to take photos for a hobby.

career or volunteer this type of shit needs to stop.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: to the above statement ^^ ()
Date: July 07, 2021 01:52AM

You sound like the type of guy that believes that S.L.I.C.E.R.S. puts out fires and it shows. Shit I'll stop when I have the chance to have Cagers or Shawn Rileys face smashed in with a pipe wrench but then again these posts are obviously multiple people. So this ignorant shit won't stop but Cagers and Rileys face would look better.

- A fun loving union member of the DFR.

yes, Moody is a fucking nigger.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: To chief beavers ()
Date: July 09, 2021 10:53PM

How many ropes will it take to hold your fat pathetic body?

answer- the same amount has captain wood.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: let's take some attention to owl ()
Date: July 15, 2021 11:05PM

okay okay okay hear me out....

OWL WAS a powerhouse Volunteer Fire Department...at one time but look at it now.

if you got Brian Michael has the chief and Nathan Rees has one of your main men. your standards are so fucking low, like has low has Janda has the DFR "rescue capatain". just like Jim McAllister starting this fairfax underground tread.

just love how Andrew Hale says owl is a great volley Department in a picture for a firefighter graduation BUT bashes at those "clowns" few hours prior. get real. you has real has that Kyle Wilson LODD report and owl apparent training standards.

Next up is the career vs volunteer sexual pleasures at station 2 and even under age cadets.

if I was owlvfd I would give up rescue 2 just has easy has station 14.

basically you suck fucking ass you beta cuckold faggots.

with this transfer to a owl rig. let the anonymous was begin.

captain moody is a nigger still.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: who is gay....everyone ()
Date: July 24, 2021 09:54PM

This entire forum post shows how weak this system is. Career and volunteer.

actions speak louder than words. hence why Prince William county EMS is trash, tech rescue program is a wanna be version of fairfax, and the few volunteers think they are on the same level has PG.

it is all a fucking joke people.

if you live in Prince William county. just know that the worst is coming at all aspects. Career and volunteer. you will die, have at least a foundation saved, or vic angry talking shit on how he is making a difference bit not really.

ps fairfax is doing Prince William citizens better with cad2cad

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Matt Werner sucks cock ()
Date: August 09, 2021 07:33PM

Dear Matthew Werner

You are a loser volunteer.
No one likes you in Stafford County which is why you have the position at work
No one in Dale City even likes you.
Your wife looks like she has down syndrome
Your Stafford union thinks you should find another career path
TBH....you look like a creepy man who sucks cock behind closed doors

Hope your daughter comes out black.


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: Smoking microwave ()
Date: August 10, 2021 06:34AM

If anybody wants to listen to how bad this paid guys suck in this town.

Microwave fire held in check with sprinkler activation.

And there’s 4 tactical units still jaw jacking 20 minutes in.

Hold 1 and 1

Biggest group of no talent robot retards. Not two brain cells to run together. So sure the are doing it. When they don’t know what, what is. Anybody that works in a serious place sees this from a mile away.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: westenda ()
Date: August 28, 2021 10:32PM


Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: The killa himself Shawn Bliss ()
Date: September 09, 2021 09:07PM

Hey Stacey from DCVFD your pussy is beat and stinky but it is easy-to-use. Got alot of miles on it but hey a hole is a hole.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: What a joke. ()
Date: September 12, 2021 12:49PM

Holding other “brothers and sisters”
When houses are double triple staffed.

What a joke

Anybody who takes prince William county paid staff seriously
Should drown facedown in a puddle.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: welcome to the game dfr ()
Date: September 15, 2021 11:30PM

It is funny how much the dfr wanted to bitch and cry for change but any change comes at a cost. Any real 24/7 fire department with any type of issue now a days. the above picture. Is another day of doing business. The more you cry the more others laugh so please keep the objectables page and Shawn Riley making coward comments on Facebook.


Shawn Riley I want to slap your face with a shovel and a fat pp you ugly ass kyle Wilson killer.

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: the fdny window licker ()
Date: September 25, 2021 11:49PM


say nigger again when Moody leaves a room and I'll show you George Floyd justice to your wife

Re: Bye Bye Volunteer Douchebags
Posted by: bumbercrop ()
Date: October 16, 2021 04:41AM

bumpity bump

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