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Meat vendors?
Posted by: oc ()
Date: February 01, 2013 01:19AM

Has anyone ever had a door-to-door meat vendor peddling his wares at your doorstep?
I swear, I couldn't believe it...but it happened to me today. Guy selling meat out of his truck.
What is my motivation? Anyone??

Re: Meat vendors?
Posted by: Manti ()
Date: February 01, 2013 10:00AM

Did you like the look of his meat ?

Was it thick ?

Did you look at his meat in his truck or on your doorstep ?

Re: Meat vendors?
Posted by: Manassas Meats ()
Date: February 01, 2013 08:26PM

Dash tried selling his meat along with those jacked-up POS cars. Neither sells well. Now the bitch has a black Hummer out front.

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