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Dr Tracy Fanara
Posted by: Kelsey Filmore ()
Date: March 30, 2021 12:25AM

Dr. Fanara was hired as the Coastal Modeling Manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), developing systems in pursuit of a Unified Earth Systems model to answer big questions (for example biodiversity, climate change impacts and hurricane tracking). Why did NOAA hire her for that? Dr. Fanara isn’t an expert in any of those areas. The only areas this woman excels in are spreading lies about other women, taking nonstop selfies, and posting half naked pictures of herself. Ohhh and cheating on her husband with other local reality show actors. Dr. Fanara is the sluttiest scientist ever! The fact NOAA hired her proves what a joke of an organization it has become! Fanara doesn’t truly care about science and the fact that the Weather Channel hired her to be interviewed on topics she literally knows nothing about is hilarious. If you have stock in the Weather Channel I’d get out now!!

Re: Dr Tracy Fanara
Posted by: yydh ()
Date: April 14, 2021 08:18PM

Deep state probably paying her back for some "quality overnight bedwork?"

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