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Free Lee Malvo
Posted by: Mattycakes Muhammad ()
Date: August 28, 2014 03:16PM

eye just got fired from mah job at sweetgreen ballston because eye told sum raggedy bitch about mah free lee malvo facebook page and da bitch complained to management...anyways...to all mah loyal customers...eye love yaw...sincerely...if you wanna contact da God do a youtube search of mah name and himme wit a PM...and to mah ex-co-workers...eye love all a yaw except Omar, Katya and Maria...LOL...if you wanna make your uncle Mattycakes Muhammad happy support mah endevour to free Lee...kidnapped children don't belong in prison...Lee Malvo was unfortuneatly kidnapped and brought into the secret network of the "elite"(da 10 percenter) which trains children to be killers or prostitutes...do the knowledge on the McMartin pre-school case...in closing...sweetgreen is not the aquarian age company it claims to be...and also...just because you inherited your parents wealth and wear spandex yoga suits that don't make you a hot bitch...da bitch who complained about me was more than likely in that secret network...PEACE!!!!!!!!

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