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Date: February 14, 2020 03:55AM


I am a high school English teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools, and have recently started private tutoring for middle and high school students in the community. I am a licensed teacher with experience in English, math, and executive functioning assistance. I have experience with children from 1st grade through 12th grade. I can also assist older high school students in brainstorming, planning, and drafting college applications and college essays. I am experienced in teaching writing and can assist students in this important process, increasing their ability to achieve acceptance and scholarship results.

Please shoot me a message if you need assistance with helping your child achieve their potential in school and beyond!


Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: July 25, 2021 06:10PM

How is this relevant to Bob Malm and his shocking commission of perjury in a court of law? When will we all just agree that I have suffered a greater injustice than any other person in history? It’s a greater injustice than the Holocaust. It’s greater crime against humanity than slavery. Bob Malm said my mother CALLED HIM on the PHONE! No one has suffered a greater indignity and injustice against him than I have!……………………….. “ERIC’S LIFE MATTERS”!!!

Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: July 25, 2021 09:08PM


Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Has anyone considered.... ()
Date: July 26, 2021 04:30AM

....that Eric B. might just be on to something?

I'm serious.

Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: July 26, 2021 10:58AM

Has anyone considered.... Wrote:
> ....that Eric B. might just be on to something?
> I'm serious.

Now there’s a right thinking American. Thank you for seeing the truth. Just imagine the dark day one of you finds out that Bob Malm says that YOUR mother called him on the phone and left a message! Are you prepared to deal with that kind of heartbreak? How will you survive when all of your emotional walls are ripped asunder? Who will be with you when you cry out into the darkness of the night, “My mother NEVER called Bob Malm on the phone!"?....... Let us all hope that you never have to find out.


Re: Tutoring
Posted by: shamed by you english ()
Date: July 26, 2021 03:19PM

Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: July 27, 2021 09:47AM

Had I mentioned to any of you that I was a Junior Warden? I helped put the materials list together that got mulch laid down for the small dogwood tree in the side yard.


Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Bill Shiphr ()
Date: August 27, 2021 07:39AM

That is amazing, I have found many English skills and also receive tips about how to give classes to a bunch of people thanks to natural anchor, I am an online English teacher since June and found it fun and interesting because I also learn from my students, I always wanted to give classes and thanks to that page I can do it.

Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Bastony ()
Date: October 20, 2021 12:28PM

Hello everyone, the trend shows that classes with tutors are not chosen by weak students, but by those who value private communication, knowledge, and explanations of incomprehensible and difficult materials. Looking back at last year's pandemic, quarantine and the activation of distance lifestyles, online resources for the selection of tutors and training received a new round of development. I have a legal education and to strengthen and improve my knowledge, I used the services of tutoring on https://law-mind.co.uk/contact-us/ , which also helped me quickly master my new profession of a legal consultant.

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Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Lika_Iza ()
Date: October 25, 2021 05:21AM

Hello, can you tell me how you are preparing for ucat tests?

Re: Tutoring
Posted by: Kaifarick ()
Date: October 25, 2021 10:18AM

nice topick

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