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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
Unexpected downtime
Posted by: Cary ()
Date: April 13, 2005 11:55AM

Welcome to Fairfax Underground! You probably found this page through google or some other search engine. Please click the "Home" button above to continue to Fairfax Underground, an anonymous forum for residents of Northern Virginia. This page simply lists recent search terms that brought visitors here, so it's probably not what you're looking for.

Also be sure to check out the other primary features such as the "Arrest/Ticket Search" available in the top menu bar.

The Arrest/Ticket search is a searchable database of all arrests and tickets issued by the Fairfax County Police Department in the past couple years. You can search for things such as a street name to see all the arrests on your street. Be sure to omit the suffix from your street name search as it is defined in a seperate field. For example if you live on "Nutley St" simply search for "nutley." Great tool to see what kind of trouble your neighbors have been getting into.

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the welcome thread and someone will get back to you.

*From 4/13/05:
Ugh. This site was down for approximately 2.5 hours this morning due to movers in my office unplugging things they should not have.
I have moved the server to our server room for safekeeping. (it was previously under my desk)
So don't fear, this server wasn't confiscated or anything crazy like that.
There will be a scheduled outage this weekend for approximately 1 hour while I physically move the server to our new location, configure the router for the old IP set, and bring the server back online.
- Cary

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/12/2006 08:25PM by Cary.

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: Cary ()
Date: April 13, 2005 01:08PM

ugh. I guess the clock battery on the motherboard is dead too. The time of the previous post should have read about an hour later. I'll throw an rdate in the rc.local so it won't happen again

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: MrDoctor ()
Date: April 13, 2005 01:11PM

sounds good

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: asnpcwiz ()
Date: April 13, 2005 04:04PM

I didn't know what to do without this forum...hahaha.

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: Cary ()
Date: April 13, 2005 10:03PM

hrm. since i posted server related stuff here earlier, i'll do it again. i ran stats on the site today and saw that a bunch of people were getting here through search engines. thought you'd be interested in what has been searched for with google/msn/yahoo/etc and brought people here in the past 30 days.

109 fairfax underground
23 fairfaxunderground.com
21 buffalo wing factory greenbriar
15 dungrats
11 dzk
11 www.fairfaxunderground.com
9 wing factory greenbriar
6 fairfaxunderground
5 you know you're from northern virginia when
4 fios fairfax
3 underground chat
3 underground fairfax
3 hookah bar in chantilly
3 fairfax cops
3 infinitcash
3 fairfax bmw
2 alf laylah wa laylah hookah bar
2 fairfax county jail
2 fairfax county police underground
2 fairfax cop
2 bmw of fairfax
2 waverly crossing chantilly va
2 greenbriar fairfax
2 fairfax county police video
2 verizon fios reston
2 greenbriar buffalo wing factory
2 fairfax underground tickets
2 ned devines fairfax
2 dzk rapper
2 fairfax county police reports
2 verizon trucks
2 fairfax va fark thread
2 sobriety checkpoints in va
2 buffalo wings greenbriar fairfax
2 fairfax county jail va
2 fairfax ledo
2 hookah bar chantilly
2 reston verizon fios
2 red light cameras in fairfax county
2 cops and donuts
2 hookah bars in chantilly va
2 cop pics
2 buffalo wing factory greenbrier
2 buffalo wing factory
2 buffalo wing factory fairfax
2 reston fios
2 buffalo wing factory greenbriar va
2 nova underground va
2 dzk james madison
1 dungrats thai restaurant fairfax
1 become a dell installer
1 fairfax undergroud
1 flatliners buffalo wing factory
1 fairfax police snow donuts
1 buffalo wings greenbriar
1 hookah bars in fairfax county
1 hooka bar sterling va
1 allinurl: cgi bin/irc.cgi
1 ned devine's irish pub herndon fairfax
1 fios rollout
1 pictures of fairfax
1 frieda sorce
1 fairfax va police report
1 buffalo wings factory greenbriar
1 find someone with a licence plate number
1 buffalo wing factory greenbrier va
1 fairax va
1 speeding traffic ticket fairfax
1 verizon fios alexandria va
1 12 year old tits
1 fairfax county va county jail
1 fairfax county message board
1 free chat fairfax va
1 allinurl:fairfaxunderground.com
1 fairfax jail
1 ffx
1 fairfax police doing doughnuts
1 inspection sticker in fairfax
1 buffalo wing university and hours
1 bridges bar in fairfax
1 show me your tits fairfax va
1 fairfax county car sticker
1 servint fark
1 pronounce pho
1 buffalo.wing.factory greenbriar
1 verizon fios fairfax va
1 cgi bin/irc.cgi
1 hookah bar fairfax route 50
1 fairfax county ticket arrest list
1 filetype:cgi inurl: irc.cgi | intitle: cgi:irc login
1 verizon fios fairfax virginia
1 police and donuts
1 hookah bars chantilly
1 illegal poker in fairfax
1 chantilly va hookah bar
1 fairfax sheriff
1 fairfaxunderground arrests
1 verizon fttp reston
1 shadetree pub centreville va
1 wings factory greenbriar
1 do donuts
1 cops and donuts fairfax
1 fairfax county sobriety checkpoints notification
1 bbs fairfax
1 fairfax county ms 13
1 reston va verizon fios
1 fairfax/jail
1 underground board
1 fairfax county police log
1 what to do in fairfax
1 cary fairfax
1 greenbriar wing factory
1 fairfax police doing doughnuts video
1 fios in fairfax
1 wegmans
1 cavalier dsl fairfax
1 fios alexandria
1 fairfax police arrest underground
1 ned devines fairfax va
1 www.fairfax underground
1 buffalo wing greenbriar
1 falafel and centreville
1 wing factory
1 fios fiber fairfax
1 dzk drugs sex music baby lyrics
1 welbilt tt reynolds
1 fairfax county individual traffic tickets
1 buffalo wing factory in greenbriar
1 alf laylah wa laylah chantilly
1 buffalo wing factory restaurant
1 chantilly hookah bar
1 hookah bar fairfax
1 cops doing donuts
1 fairfax county arrest list
1 buffalo wings and greenbriar
1 fight hov ticket fairfax
1 which county is herndon in
1 fairfax underground police
1 fairfax underground ticket
1 chantilly donuts
1 hookah skyline va
1 wing factory flatliners
1 chantilly hookah bars
1 il lupo pub fairfax
1 buffalo wing flatliners
1 fairfaxcounty underground
1 quality autobody fairfax
1 fairfax underground speeding tickets
1 fairfax underground arrests
1 hookah restaurants in fairfax county
1 fairfax county underground arrest
1 fairfax police underground
1 the buffalo wing factory
1 underground dzk rapper
1 verizon fios reston va
1 fairfax county dump
1 cgi ams worst company
1 underground fairax arrest
1 fairfax county wifi
1 drive ol rvkd/susp
1 soundclick dzk
1 don geronimo's bart
1 sticky come
1 pope's auto body
1 don geronimo
1 wardriving centreville va
1 fairfax fios
1 dzk downloads
1 fairfax va bars
1 fairfax county police doing donuts
1 fairfax ledo pizza open
1 fios directtv
1 bars fairfax county
1 fairfax forum
1 greenbriar pool fairfax va
1 fairfax county police
1 cops doing doughnuts
1 buffalo wings fairfax greenbriar
1 dungrats thai restaurant falls church

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: MrDoctor ()
Date: April 13, 2005 10:38PM

damn i need to try the buffalo wing factory out

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: asnpcwiz ()
Date: April 14, 2005 09:40AM

Basically people in fairfax only care about Buffalo Wing Factory, Verizon FIOS and Fairfax Law Enforcment...NICE! We all need to get better lives...hahaha. I'll admit, I found FU by looking for FIOS...anyone else?!?!

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Re: Unexpected downtime
Posted by: hey ()
Date: August 11, 2008 12:21AM

their are some really funny things people searched for to find this place... Like 12 year old tits ha ah

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