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Defund the terrorist CIA and the national security mafia
Posted by: National insecurity ()
Date: November 26, 2022 09:25PM

The CIA is one of the biggest organized crime and terrorist group in the whole world. They kidnap, torture and assassinate people all over the world.plus they even killed John F Kennedy because they thought he was too soft on communist.they are even involved in the drug trade. That was exposed during the Iran Contra scandal in the 1980s. CIA smmugled cocaine into the country which led to the crack epidemic and they harassed and later killed the journalist who exposed it.in other words, they behave and act the same way as the mafia, but they are even worse
Plus the national security mafia is a total scam. They pretend to be making the country safer, all they do is harass people for their political views. Billions and billions of dollars wasted on making some people filthy rich while this money could be used to help the American people. All the spying they are doing is not stopping the mass shootings,rampant crime, and the wildfires burning people alive and destroying houses. Meanwhile, there's a crisis of lack of affordable housing, homelessness, wildfires, loos of Americans manufacturing and little , if any federal money is spent on these things

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