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FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Duke Schnyder ()
Date: November 19, 2022 08:44PM

Hello all,

I applied for this position with Fairfax County in Virginia, and I wasn't selected, but I wanted to give incite to anyone that is interested in applying for this position in the future or is going through the process currently. From the outside looking in this department has a lot to offer career wise, the pay is great starting out and the personal leave for the department is great also. There are a lot of perks to working for this department and I recommend to anyone that is interested and meets the qualifications to apply.

I applied for the position initially on Indeed.com. After about a week I was contacted by a Sheriff's Office Deputy recruiter that spoke with me for a couple minutes and referred me to their website to apply there. About a few weeks after I applied on their website I was contacted by a background investigator to go over my application and to start the background investigation. I applied as an out of state applicant and was able to schedule my polygraph, medical exam and psychological exam around the same time.

The polygraph exam and medical exam are taken in the same place (Fairfax County public safety headquarters building) on different days. The psychological exam is all online at the moment, it may change in the future. I won't get into the polygraph exam, overall if you tell the truth, you will be fine. I will say to practice answering questions with your eyes closed though. If you're telling the truth or not it will through your response off. For the medical exam it's a pretty straight forward standard exam that you would get for a checkup. There are just two things I want to point out to help you prepare and be aware of before you go. There is a treadmill test that you'll have to take when you get there that day. You will probably have a nurse and a doctor in the room when you are taking it. You will be hooked up to a blood pressure machine and you will have to take your shirt off to have a cord wrapped around your torso area for the test. You will start on the treadmill at a 10% incline and it will be a brisk walking (range walk for any prior service military) pace to start. Every three minutes you have to straighten out your left arm for the blood pressure machine to read, then the pace gets faster, and your incline raised 2% each time. At the end of it I was running at a 18% incline on the treadmill with my left arm extended out. I'm not in bad shape or anything but not knowing what to prepare for at all made this difficult for me. I hope you're reading this and know what to prepare for before you get there. The other thing is the doctor. I wouldn't normally name drop anyone, but this experience rubbed me the wrong way, Doctor Praveen Gupta was the doctor that I had. I've worked in the medical field for years and have met dozens of doctors over that time and this doctor was the most unprofessional one. I hope I caught him on a bad day because if not, he probably shouldn't be there. In the medical profession whether you're having a bad day or not you need to still maintain that professionalism. The psychological exam is all online. You will spend a couple of hours answering about 500 questions in a chatroom type setting with several other people. The camera on your computer will need to be kept on at all times. Once you finish that you will have a one on one with a doctor that will go over your packet. If you fail to pass any of exams or background check in this process, it's the departments policy not to discuss it with you. You will not move on to the next step if you fail any step along the way, so keep that in mind.

This was my experience with it, I hope this information fines anyone that is looking for a little information to go off of.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: county man ()
Date: November 19, 2022 09:39PM

I suspect you failed the verbal portion based on your writing ability. A friend of mine also working for the county is 6'4" 240lbs (with about 7% body fat) and benches well over 400. Every year Gupta tells him he needs to lose 100lbs and that he is grossly overweight. The unions have been trying to fire him for years.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Vcw ()
Date: November 19, 2022 09:54PM

I would never take a polygraph,that pseudo science BS isn’t even admissible in court and for good reason.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Dr Jack ()
Date: November 19, 2022 10:08PM

They should fire Dr Gupta and hire me. I’ll let any slob pass the physical.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Dodged a bullet ()
Date: November 20, 2022 02:34AM

Sorry to hear that you were not selected. But that job can take a toll on your emotional state eventually. So what part did you not pass?

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: LE Posers ()
Date: November 20, 2022 07:16AM

Be glad that you didn’t end up working there. It may be well polished on the front end of things but after you’ve been lured in you discover that it’s just a pathetic correctional officer job in a shitty organization managed by retards.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: DukeS ()
Date: November 20, 2022 12:29PM

I appreciate it, I do believe everything happens for a reason, maybe I am better off. I didn't receive any feedback from the department, but I did receive some feedback from my psychological exam. They said at this time I wouldn't be best suited for the position.

As for the physical, the officers I've seen don't look like they could pass but you never know what kind of shape someone is in. I'm prior service Army and from my experience it's very hard for someone to pass something without knowing what to prepare for.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Slimpickens ()
Date: November 22, 2022 06:23PM

The Fairfax Police are incompetent.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: vidor ()
Date: November 22, 2022 07:25PM

Slimpickens Wrote:
> The Fairfax Police are incompetent.

hard to say really

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Examiner ()
Date: November 23, 2022 07:04PM

Don’t believe the polygraph lies: https://antipolygraph.org/

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: verrry interesting ()
Date: November 23, 2022 07:31PM

Examiner Wrote:
> Don’t believe the polygraph lies:
> https://antipolygraph.org/

"One of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history passed the polygraph and killed again, while an innocent suspect failed?"

"In that case, Gary Leon Ridgeway, was a suspect in the killing of four women and was given a polygraph, which he passed. Ridgeway was dropped as a suspect and went on to kill another 44 women until he was caught and convicted. The failure of the polygraph cost 44 women their lives"


IS this why we have so many bad cops in America?The psychos must be passing the poly.I would never take one under any circumstances.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: The Grocery Cart Killer ()
Date: November 23, 2022 10:43PM

Man if Fairfax county police were competent I would have been caught a lot earlier.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: sid ()
Date: November 24, 2022 01:06AM

You went through all of those steps of the hiring process before you even had an in person interview? Did you have to take any kind of a written test?

I was a LEO in a mid-western state for 12 years. I started applying to departments while I was still in college. I bet I applied to at least 25 departments until I finally got the call. These positions are very competitive. A department might have 1 opening and get 500 applicants for that one position.

Just to weed some people out the process usually started with some kind of a written test which was usually held in some high school gym. This was just to get rid of the dumb asses who applied who couldn't even spell the word Sheriff. Then you go home and wait a couple of weeks to find out if you scored high enough to move on in the process.

Next was usually some kind of a physical agility test also held at some high school . You know, certain number of push ups and sit ups with a time limit. Some short sprints. Maybe 100 yard dash. Dummy pull. Push a squad car. Run a mile and a half. If you fail any step then you are done in the hiring process.

So after those two parts of the hiring process you'll get scheduled for an interview. And most departments have a couple of different interviews you have to go through. It just depends on the size of the department. If it's a small town then you probably interview with the Chief and maybe the Town Board. A big department will probably have several different interviews. You might start off with a board of 4 or 5 officers and they basically ask every person a list of the exact same questions. These interviews are video taped and it's nerve racking for sure.

So if you make it past all of this only then will they start your background investigation. A detective is assigned to you and they come to your house for about an hour where they ask you a million questions. Then you just wait to hear back from them. If it's a small department they usually have a larger department do this for them since they don't have the manpower.

You pass the background then you probably have more interviews. Maybe one-on-one with the Sheriff of the Chief. A lot of times with bigger departments you will be interviewed by the Civilian Review Board. Now that was the scariest interview I've ever had. They ask you things like, "If you pulled me over for speeding, and you knew I'm on this board, would you write me a ticket?" "If you stopped a car and you suspected the driver was intoxicated, but it was your best friend of 20 years, what would you do?"

Now, if you've made it through all of that, then they'll probably schedule you for a polygraph. If you want the job and they want you to take a polygraph then take the polygraph. I thought it was kinda neat. They'll do little things like take 5 playing cards and have you pick one but not tell them which card you picked. Then he'd go thru and show me each card and ask me if this was the card I picked. They tell you to say no to each card, but he was able to see which card I lied about. Dude even asked about sex stuff, like had I ever engaged in sex with a minor kinda stuff. They go over all of the questions before they start the test. Pass that and you go to see their doctor for a physical exam. Then it's off to see the shrink. All you gotta do to get by the shrink is just really act like you're an out-going people person, and be consistent with your answers. You'll have to take a written test where they ask you about a hundred questions, but a lot of the questions are the same, only worded differently. They're trying to catch you in a lie.

By now it's been about 6-9 months since you've started this application process with this one particular department.But the whole time you're doing the same steps with any other place you've applied with. Sometimes it was exhausting.

I got hired probably about a year and a half after I first started applying. And I became close friends with the officer who gave me my polygraph. We worked a lot of calls together. He even tried to get me to go to a training school for cops to learn how to do the polygraph stuff. I wasn't interested. I had lied on one of the questions on my own test years before so I knew they were bullshit.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: GYP ()
Date: November 24, 2022 01:42AM

If a suspected murderer passes the poly than he's got an alibi now.They seem so controversial,I wonder if an applicant was rejected solely based on a poly fail if he/she could sue.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: BGGo ()
Date: November 24, 2022 02:46AM

your moves are so fucking distinguishable it's fucking pathetic.

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: hnH ()
Date: November 24, 2022 03:15AM

fools in the dark have chosen to forever be in the dark...there will be no elaboration from the simple truth

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: paint&gymsocksstench ()
Date: December 03, 2022 01:20PM

When is Stacey going to hire the corrections officers just like Prince William?

Re: FFxCo Sherriff Office
Posted by: Gordita ()
Date: December 03, 2022 06:08PM

You have to be able to suck dick in a satanic fashion. I suspect you failed the dick sucking portion of the exam

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