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Buttigieg: Oil Prices ‘Largely Outside of Direct Control’ of WH Trent Baker
Posted by: lies, lies, more lies ()
Date: March 15, 2022 04:40PM

* attacking russia - getting entangled in a foreign civil war

* stop hiring illegal alien truckers who put USA truckers on welfare

* stop taxing fuel

* demcorats / democrat states are lead-foots on the road which uses twice the gas

* penalized USA oil rigs when BP's leaked in the Gulf

* EV cars heavier instead of lighter than gasoline cars

* anti oil& gas legislation

* OIL & GAS LAWSUITS and refusals to pay for OIL&GAS and preventing others from working so to pay, in real metal payment, for oil&gas

the list is very long, only getting started, and all of it is damning

Re: Buttigieg: Oil Prices ‘Largely Outside of Direct Control’ of WH Trent Baker
Posted by: 344yy34 ()
Date: March 15, 2022 04:46PM

* gov workers installing and using more A/C than ever - with offices plainly "a little cold" during the summer

* installation of A/C in schools that "never used to have A/C"

* outsourcing jobs

* give-away programs to illegal aliens - including letting "medical doctors" who were never checked in USA as having a medical decgree operate and even BUYING THEM COMPLETE PRACTICES, while USA doctors who aren't illegal aliens struggle for pay

* government "living large", buying SUV, using farm land as cheap areas to develope to benefit democrat thieves in government

* deals with foreigners to funnel money out of usa, ie: 2,900 bills to "aid mexico" currently on the floor at the US Capitol

* stores closed which should have vastly reduced oil & gas use - shortages therefore are FAKE NEWS , since less is being used these last 3 years in USA than since Bill Clinton

* mega projects that benefit only democrat families: such as DATA CENTER

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