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What Is Microsoft Access And What Do You Use It For?
Posted by: Lewis-H ()
Date: November 25, 2021 05:05AM

Typically, a big database has big data-entry needs. Access offers not only forms but also features that can create a quick form through which someone can enter all those records. This can make data entry easier and faster and can reduce the margin of error significantly.

When you have lots and lots of records, you also have lots of opportunities for errors to creep in. This includes duplicate records, records with misspellings, and records with missing information — and that’s just for openers. So you need an application such as Access to ferret out those errors and fix them.

Big databases mean big needs for accurate, insightful reporting. Microsoft Access Online has powerful reporting tools you can use to create printed and onscreen reports — and those can include as few or as many pieces of your data as you need, drawn from more than one table if need be. You can tailor your reports to your audience, from what’s shown on the reports’ pages to the colors and fonts used.

Big databases are hard to wade through when you want to find something. Access provides several tools for sorting, searching, and creating your own specialized tools (known as queries) for finding the elusive single record or group of records you need.

Access saves time by making it easy to import and recycle data. You may have used certain tools to import data from other sources — such as Excel worksheets (if you started in Excel and maxed out its usefulness as a data-storage device) and Word tables. Access saves you from reentering all your data and allows you to keep multiple data sources consistent.

Creating databases with multiple tables

Whether your database holds 100 records or 100,000 records (or more), if you need to keep separate tables and relate them for maximum use of the information, you need a relational database — and that’s Access. How do you know whether your data needs to be in separate tables? Think about your data — is it very compartmentalized? Does it go off on tangents? Consider the following example and apply the concepts to your data and see if you need multiple tables for your database.

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Re: What Is Microsoft Access And What Do You Use It For?
Posted by: DB Master ()
Date: November 26, 2021 01:42AM

Get the FCK Outta here

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Re: What Is Microsoft Access And What Do You Use It For?
Posted by: syahrulmam ()
Date: December 08, 2021 03:30AM

I’ve always been interested in creating a saas product like these Microsoft office products. It’s almost impossible I know. But creating it is not the problem, managing it is. You know, the other day I was reading this article about saas products https://www.codica.com/blog/how-to-build-saas-product/ and the idea came to me. But let’s be honest, if you don’t know or may never have come across something like this, you’ll think it’s totally impossible but as you can see it’s true and possible. But I just can’t imagine the hard work someone needs to be able to manage this

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