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FOR SALE: Never Used White Privilege. Like NEW!!!
Posted by: Leftist Idiots ()
Date: February 22, 2021 06:17PM

Worked a paper route at 10. Got at job at 13 washing dishes in an Italian Restaurant. I was then promoted at the age of 14 to washing pots. I worked a min of 30 hour work weeks during high school and maintained a B+ grade. At 17, I went to local community college where I paid my own way working at the same restaurant. In addition, during summer vacations, Christmas and Winter breaks I also worked a second job cleaning floors at a local school. I maintained deans list during first 2 years of college. After college, I obtained employment at a major US computer company while still maintaining my second job. During that employment with a major computer company, I was able to work my way up the ladder somewhat decent, however I was told on at least 3 separate occasions that I was being passed over for a promotion for a minority candidate as EO quotas needed to be met. It must also be said, that during my major employment, I worked additional second jobs to either make ends meet or for planning for my children’s future education. After 40 years of major employment, with various second jobs and roughly 55 years of working since age 10 – I was able to retire.

So as you can see, my white privilege is like NEW, never used. Will accept best offer….or anyone can do what I did to get ahead.

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Re: FOR SALE: Never Used White Privilege. Like NEW!!!
Posted by: Frank Fucker ()
Date: February 22, 2021 06:58PM

Most intelligent people understand that this entire charade of "racial equity" will have the exact opposite effect. People in their 40s and 50s have spent their entire lives being forced to play second to the diversity hires.

Now the libtards are aiming to make things even worse.

When you pretend that a certain group of people is equal to others but then force everyone to provide them with advantages reserved for the most retarded in our society, they quickly understand they are being lied to.

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