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wally the bootsucking cucktard
Posted by: lmao yeet ()
Date: January 14, 2020 02:58PM

who is the original wally? is he an actual militarized police tyrant who is growing apprehensive of the impending electric boogaloo? sure seems that way. he keeps trying desperately to convince himself that red blooded virginians wont yeet him on the doorstep and grind him into nuggies with honey mussy sauce to hide the body... I would hate to be poor lil wally. he must be shitting his pants!
when-youre-pulled-over-but-you-just-got-a-text-57513417 (1).png

Re: wally the bootsucking cucktard
Posted by: wally ()
Date: January 14, 2020 03:01PM

I have assumed the form of wally. I just need to eat a piece of his liver raw then the transformation will be complete!

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