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I am a piece of shit
Posted by: Detective DeCoster ()
Date: October 21, 2019 05:46PM

Wow, I see the Massey Building coming down and it makes me sad.

I used to use my "police" skills, and interrogated people to no end there.

There was that one Asian man, and he was a piece of shit because he was Asian.

I told him that in his culture, men treat women like dogs, and actually rape them.

That was fun. He protested, but I used my "police" skills to keep berating him, calling him a liar. I had a good time.

And the best part is, that Fairfax County taxpayers were paying my salary.

I'll continue to take the word of any woman (Yes, I know, the Asian man protested that she had a Borderline Personality Disorder; I have no idea what that means, because I'm a policeman, not a psychologist; yes, I've heard from other people who are not as trained, and well-paid as I am, who claim that woman sounded like a psychotic piece of shit, but if she is pointing a finger at an Asian man, I know that Asians are bad, and I will arrest him.)

Now, I see the Massey Building coming down, what memories.

Re: I am a piece of shit
Posted by: Don't nod off... ()
Date: October 21, 2019 10:40PM

...if you don't OD, maybe you can sue big pharma for enabling your habit.

Perhaps you should check yourself into rehab...before it's too late!

Re: I am a piece of shit
Posted by: Bad Cop Good Cop ()
Date: October 21, 2019 11:54PM

And a lying cop fantasy from a psycho Democrat , what else ? Asians work hard and vote GOP while you collect your welfare check and vote D to keep it coming suck

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