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one morrogh
Posted by: steve cornejo ()
Date: June 13, 2019 12:14AM

Is anyone else as glad as I am that the corrupt lard lost? along with covering for the kid diddling priests from his church, his inmate electrocuting deputies, the trigger happy Geer hunter and his parish DRE one punch man librado cena, I just dug up this lovely blurb about morrogh cosigning horan's bullshit back when ray was just acting CA before his first actual bid. when chappie put him on blast he tried to censor him too! what a thug. what a track record! He'll leave it to the civil court every time if it will spare him bad publicity. imagine if all the families and victims he shafted got together and spent the blood money on a private misconduct probe.. He should be a fucking felon for his corruption just like Bob McDonnell. he should be in prison with the murderers and pedos he spared from prosecution. how can a prosecutor refuse new evidence? cover up upon cover up it's surreal.. good fucking riddance

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