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this stuff kicksass..
Posted by: Burke/Fairfax County Rap Song ()
Date: June 30, 2005 09:22PM

Hello all,
A few guys from Burke decided to make a rap song and here it is -
http://addpower.org/?x=modules/m&op=5&id=185 ... I think it's pretty good for some amatuers. Anyways if you want to see the lyrics or download it directly you can view them at the original website here http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/r/m/rms307/bizurke.html

Re: this stuff kicksass..
Posted by: pgens ()
Date: June 30, 2005 09:51PM

Wow, what deep lyrics. Bring me right back to my stomping grounds. err.... um... NO. When I was in Burke and in a band myself I don't think I ever considered writing a song concerning Burke but that's just me I guess. Anyway in all fairness I'll give the MP3 a listen.

but I did learn something... nothing AT ALL used to happen in Burke unless you were a block away from Lake Braddock or something... did it go downhill?

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Re: this stuff kicksass..
Posted by: rstidman ()
Date: June 30, 2005 11:00PM

burke = for pussies

this rap song had a nice thing going in the background, and then that obnoxious kid started singing...about being hard down in Burke.

it's called "normalizing", guys, try it sometime! Your tracks won't sound so much like a guy singing over a handheld radio in an empty room.

Normalizing is an art but anyone with time can learn it. If you need some pointers you should hit up dzk, his tracks always seem to have that balance I like.

Re: this stuff kicksass..
Posted by: econ202 ()
Date: July 04, 2005 07:02PM

what are these real guys's names lol let me guess Waleed lol

Re: this stuff kicksass..
Posted by: TefD187 ()
Date: September 20, 2009 07:27AM

anyone have a working link?

Re: this stuff kicksass..
Posted by: On point. ()
Date: September 20, 2009 07:53AM

What ever happened to DZK? Did he return to Europe? He had pretty decent stuff considering English wasn't his native language.

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