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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 14 15 16 All 149,105  1,549  Cary  05/25/2019 12:59AM 
Last Post by Typical libtard
Senate GOP declares open war on any and all primary challenges. Gerrymanderer2  05/25/2019 11:46AM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Trump wins again!! Pelosi says Trump tantrum with no evidence. Trump says Nancy has "lost it" offers proof. +1 Trump. 57  PC retardzz  05/25/2019 11:46AM 
Last Post by DNC Pansexual
Trump suggests death penalty punishment for Comey, Page, Strozk and McCabe 94  18  sureokkk  05/25/2019 11:45AM 
Last Post by Reported1
TRUMP IS MAGA! 19  Yes we can  05/25/2019 11:43AM 
Last Post by Absolutely Correct
What will you be grilling this weekend?    Pages: 1 2 All 2,428  109  so hongry  05/25/2019 11:33AM 
Last Post by Area Man.
The Mike O'Meara Show    Pages: 1 ... 911 912 913 All 3,600,051  91,252  WashingToneLocian  05/25/2019 11:29AM 
Last Post by Uvfkl
Foods Your Bowels Dont Want    Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7 All 3,026  653  blooming onion.  05/25/2019 11:24AM 
Last Post by spring onion
Another nigger, another dead, raped white girl. You didn't hear about it because the US press doesn't report it; you have to read UK press to learn the truth 81  This is what niggers do.  05/25/2019 11:18AM 
Last Post by Cucks are worse than niggers.
CNN hates all conservatives and trump 28  Not new news  05/25/2019 11:03AM 
Last Post by trumpitality
Can someone explain this Bob Malm crap to us? 145  23  Djjd  05/25/2019 11:02AM 
Last Post by Bob Malm, perjuring priest
President Trump is so awesome other nations are looking for people that look like him to lead. 33  President Trump FTW!  05/25/2019 11:02AM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Fucking Rolling Faggots fucking up traffic this morning. 33  Fucking Faggots!!!  05/25/2019 10:57AM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Are Polish people more Aryan than Slavic? 10  Nitcha  05/25/2019 10:55AM 
Last Post by Nitcha
Looks like a beautiful memorial day weekend. Libs are going to riot over Americans celebrating our warriors 36  President Trump FTW!  05/25/2019 10:54AM 
Last Post by Many “warriors” were Morons
Why do libs commit mass shootings? 25  President Trump FTW!  05/25/2019 10:43AM 
Last Post by Bob Malm
Should Jeff Chiow take ethics training from Leiser Law Firm? Learned Hand  05/25/2019 10:40AM 
Last Post by Learned Hand
LAST ROLLING THUNDER THIS WEEKEND 103  The truth and only the truth  05/25/2019 10:35AM 
Last Post by dwtyt
Proof Mark Webster is the all hated Gerrymanderer2    Pages: 1 2 All 1,542  122  I knew it!  05/25/2019 10:31AM 
Last Post by Rageswar or Webster?
Leiser-Chiow: who’s the better lawyer? 224  Avoooo  05/25/2019 10:28AM 
Last Post by Stellar
Meanwhile in SLAVIC countries 38  EXITZ  05/25/2019 09:12AM 
Last Post by EXITZ
U.S. Supreme Court blocks redrawing of Ohio, Michigan electoral maps 18  Well, this can't B good (4 dems)  05/25/2019 09:04AM 
Last Post by Well, this can't B good (4 dems)
Does anybody else feel amazing that they didn’t vote for trump. We’ll always be on the right side of history, not voting for worse president we’ve ever had 74  13  Does anyone else  05/25/2019 08:48AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
No Tubman on the $20 112  12  Trump FTW  05/25/2019 08:40AM 
Last Post by Trump will be on the $20
I’m convinced 28  Ejjdd  05/25/2019 08:38AM 
Last Post by Ejjdd
Give the losers a better chance at winning 24  You suck work harder  05/25/2019 08:37AM 
Last Post by Fuck WAPO
Dukes of Hazardous Waste 33  Daisy Duke  05/25/2019 08:20AM 
Last Post by Ejke
Why are Democrats mad about Republicans releasing documents when they weren't mad at all about Hillary deleting 33,000 documents? 25  Does not compute  05/25/2019 08:19AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Former Republican Congressman calls for Trump to be impeached because he's an illegitimate traitor whom obstructs justice. 20  Gerrymanderer2  05/25/2019 08:15AM 
Last Post by Final Answer
Most compelling evidence in the Trump-Russia probe could be days away 15  Walls Closing In  05/25/2019 08:03AM 
Last Post by Walls Closing In
Obama-era intelligence officials Quaking in Their Shoes - :"Don't know what they did" 21  Walls Closing In  05/25/2019 07:56AM 
Last Post by Walls Closing In
pig ebola in china wiping out their pork; us midwest farmer wipeout 42  tuitiu  05/25/2019 05:12AM 
Last Post by Whit
Meade Q and A this Sunday, What will you ask? 78  11  I'm not sure...  05/25/2019 01:19AM 
Last Post by Jen Ettix / Mike R.
This is by far the BEST GIF EVER posted to ffxu 277  Uncontested  05/25/2019 01:03AM 
Last Post by Who is she?
BREAKING NEWS!! !! NYC Congressman "Jerry Nadler" Has PASSED OUT in the Middle of an Event !! !!! !! 133  13  Trump Stumped the Chumps  05/25/2019 01:02AM 
Last Post by His Fluid Level Was Low
More Rank ‘Em... 488  13  Princeton Women’s Volleyball  05/25/2019 12:58AM 
Last Post by Pc retardz.
“Democrats have completely forfeited western values” 50  Round them up now  05/25/2019 12:53AM 
Last Post by AllyOfNone
Meade makes a lot of offensive remarks on theapricity while using a Chick Fill A cow as his avatar 98  28  dumber than a box of rocks  05/25/2019 12:41AM 
Last Post by no, no, I'm just dreaming...
Satan almost took Jerry Nadler Back Today 120  11  Demon Seed  05/25/2019 12:23AM 
Last Post by Mark j
Ukraine v. US U-20 World Cup: Mongrel US team made up of tatted-up niggers getting crushed by all-white, no tat Ukranians 44  US are a bunch of tatted niggers  05/25/2019 12:10AM 
Last Post by It's true
for you bed wetters...NBC news story on Hillary and the pedos 40  mahdi key aches muk mud  05/25/2019 12:10AM 
Last Post by mahdi key aches muk mud
Children....they are doing something about climate change 568  75  mahdi keyaches muk mud  05/25/2019 12:06AM 
Last Post by mahdi key
Schiff for brains says investigating democrats is un-American 57  Ejjdd  05/24/2019 11:44PM 
Last Post by Scared Jew
Libtard Phrase-of-the-Day - "Under his skin" 100  14  Talking Points Memo  05/24/2019 11:31PM 
Last Post by just an observation
The best jobs for pussies 240  15  Local C  05/24/2019 10:37PM 
Last Post by Tubamanderer2
Even More CNN Layoffs 72  Liars Never Prosper  05/24/2019 10:11PM 
Last Post by More good news......
She doesn’t stop!! 147  You know what is now racist  05/24/2019 09:44PM 
Last Post by LSD Muslim
Democrats demanded Trump declassify the Russia investigation 65  What's Up Now?  05/24/2019 08:35PM 
Last Post by ftunu
Who’s gonna drop dead first Nadler or Ginsberg? 60  We will be praying  05/24/2019 08:35PM 
Last Post by Himlers cousin
Why is everybody that drives Teslas a tree-hugging, identity politics embracing, race baiting, socialist faggot? 95  nigger lover  05/24/2019 08:33PM 
Last Post by FIFY
Nadler pulled a Hillary today! LOL! Die motherfucker! 73  President Trump FTW!  05/24/2019 08:09PM 
Last Post by p49d6
Why do niggers get mad every time I say nigger? 133  Jigaboo Jones  05/24/2019 07:33PM 
Last Post by mahdi key aches muk mud
Democrats in Congress are getting things done. Trump and Republicans are just ignoring them. 40  interesting facts  05/24/2019 07:24PM 
Last Post by trumpitality
Here is a problem with government 33  They gotta go  05/24/2019 07:05PM 
Last Post by They gotta go
Package bomb explodes in France, too early to blame Muslims but perfectly rational to suspect them at this stage 72  Move it, dick  05/24/2019 06:51PM 
Last Post by board nazi
full list of the bills the House has taken up since January 30  I got tired there are so many  05/24/2019 06:48PM 
Last Post by quite a list there skippy
ISIS is after George Clooney 68  Best Irony Ever  05/24/2019 06:42PM 
Last Post by mahdi key aches muk mud
Things to think about regarding Trump and declassification 149  33  Pinhead   05/24/2019 06:17PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Anti American libtarded protests this weekend 29  President Trump FTW!  05/24/2019 06:06PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Joe Biden implicated in Spygate planning according to Washington Post 76  This can't be good  05/24/2019 05:53PM 
Last Post by No You Di'int
Plans for Memorial Day Weekend? 122  Generic FFXU Libtard  05/24/2019 05:49PM 
Last Post by Thanks For Your Service GunLover
If you sit back and watch what’s going on around America and the world, what is it that u see 122  10  Ejjee  05/24/2019 05:46PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Donald Trump cloud spotted over Chicago this weekend.    Pages: 1 ... 36 37 38 All 18,645  3,741  Do you believe in miracles?  05/24/2019 04:29PM 
Last Post by r.w.s.
Trump sold out and handed the reigns of power back to the Jew 36  Klause Barbie-Q the Jews  05/24/2019 03:27PM 
Last Post by Proud.Democratic
BREAKING NEWS !! !! !! Anti-TRUMP Twitter Trolls "Chip & Brian Krassenstein" Have BANNED From Twitter for Using Counterfeit Accounts and Cheating AMERICA !! !!! !! 26  Trump Stumped the Chumps  05/24/2019 03:03PM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
He must be removed from his seat, and is very ill, lets pray for him! 44  Let’s pray for Nadler  05/24/2019 01:55PM 
Last Post by Let’s pray for Nadler
I fucked a hambeast 1,685  23  Just A John  05/24/2019 01:51PM 
Last Post by Giverer of suggestions
Trump says he's "a stable genius." 88  10  Gerrymanderer2  05/24/2019 01:40PM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
recent teacher kiddie porn arrests 81  Askerer of questions  05/24/2019 12:22PM 
Last Post by TheTroof
What President had the sharpest salute? 59  proper prodical  05/24/2019 12:21PM 
Last Post by Bone Spurs Aren't a Thing
Last Post by RTRTRTTR
Gerry’s REALLY going to be mad now! 40  Fairymanderer2  05/24/2019 12:02PM 
Last Post by gerry's gay protector is gay
Who owns who in the media 46  The more you know  05/24/2019 11:51AM 
Last Post by Sumner Redstone
“I don’t do coverups.” Donald Trump 119  25  Why do Folks still believe him?  05/24/2019 11:04AM 
Last Post by He Gets It
Make sure you buy the platinum pass when climbing MT Everest 46  Yes we can  05/24/2019 10:27AM 
Last Post by Yes we can
I will not work with Democrats, while they are investigating me’. No trump, that’ not how constitution works 70  17  I will not  05/24/2019 10:24AM 
Last Post by they freakin out
I am fucking sick of hearing Jews prattle on about the holocaust! 108  Stop kvetching  05/24/2019 09:33AM 
Last Post by Let’s make a deal
Oh man, we better pray for them, like pelosi prays for us 32  Let’s pray!  05/24/2019 09:31AM 
Last Post by Let’s pray!
Megan the cray cray lady    Pages: 1 ... 142 143 144 All 314,948  14,386  Megan Toohey of Chantilly  05/24/2019 09:23AM 
Last Post by Spelling Counts
DOJ Charges Julian Assange with Publishing Classified Information ... which isn't a crime 39  breitbart  05/24/2019 09:17AM 
Last Post by breitbart
Trump has flipped two federal appeals courts to majority GOP nominated judges in 2 years... 22  The MAGA train is gaining speed  05/24/2019 09:03AM 
Last Post by The MAGA train is gaining speed
Superstar CANADIAN-AMERICAN "Funny-Man" and Actor "WILL SASSO" Turns "44" TODAY !! !! !! 20  Trump Stumped the Chumps  05/24/2019 08:50AM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
CNN pundit laughs at Trump for being forced to call his staff up to confirm he’s not throwing tantrums 67  14  Nancy puts 'kick me' sign on Don  05/24/2019 08:49AM 
Last Post by legend in his own mind
What ever man should have by the time he reaches 40 years old 235  11  lowell  05/24/2019 08:25AM 
Last Post by OP is a bedwetting lib cuckie
Trump knows that pelosi is smarter than him and it drives him nuts 29  Pelosi is just playing him  05/24/2019 07:56AM 
Last Post by One thing she thinks we don’t no
If blacks are paid reparations, how do you suppose they’d spend the money? 139  15  Money Mon$ter  05/24/2019 07:20AM 
Last Post by Racist Willie
Spell to win in an online casino 27  C.C.Capwell  05/24/2019 07:14AM 
Last Post by Mr. Good Guy
Even Alabama has libtards 85  They're Everywhere  05/24/2019 05:59AM 
Last Post by 7kgbj
Another Trumptard's Life Destroyed By Trump 91  Buh-Bye Bye Trumptarder  05/24/2019 05:15AM 
Last Post by Jjfr
Trump Signs Order Cracking Down on Welfare-Dependent Legal Immigration 75  Thanks Trump!  05/24/2019 05:07AM 
This is by far the BEST GIF EVER posted to ffxu for real.... 92  ANY QUESTIONS?  05/24/2019 02:35AM 
Last Post by Starban
Trump is too retarded for the presidency 34  Former trump supporter  05/24/2019 02:15AM 
Last Post by Former trump supporter
Last Post by Bad brains
Nancy Pelosi's not the same person 112  Crazy Nancy  05/24/2019 01:10AM 
Last Post by Pc retards.
I got a realistic doll that looks like Monique 194  misshapen head legacy foundation  05/23/2019 11:50PM 
Last Post by thing even has eesh's eyes
Beer industry blames Trump's tariffs for loss of 40K jobs 38  beer mee  05/23/2019 11:48PM 
Last Post by probably legalized pot
Scrim of $uicide Boy$ discusses how to eat an Ass 60  G59  05/23/2019 11:30PM 
Last Post by G59
Slave Reparations...just curious... 95  The.Inquisitor  05/23/2019 11:29PM 
Last Post by Definitely not Eesh
Non-Citizens Committed a Disproportionate Share of Federal Crimes 48  United States Supreme Court  05/23/2019 10:54PM 
Last Post by Plus one more
Liberal gay twin Krassenstein Brothers BANNED for LIFE from Twitter for operating false anti-Trump accounts 49  See you in hell, libtards  05/23/2019 10:28PM 
Last Post by Krassenkikes
Trump is furious about Pelosi’s ‘tantrum’ comment because he was careful not to pound his fists this time 72  16  big kids picking on donnie  05/23/2019 10:22PM 
Last Post by hangers
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