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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Paralegal career field? 1,604  27  nervous career changer  04/24/2009 04:42PM 
Last Post by Spy vs. Spy
Body found on Fairfax County Pkwy near Springhaven? 2,535  15  NOVAborn  04/24/2009 12:18PM 
Last Post by Sculler
The Reston Tea Party 1,623  55  Rod  04/24/2009 07:36AM 
Last Post by Losers
Beer Olympics Tournament 976  caffeind  04/23/2009 03:16PM 
Last Post by Lurker.
Eating Challenges 699  Johnson  04/23/2009 02:15PM 
Last Post by Bob in Southeast Loudoun
Navy Yard Cops 625  G. Pettibone  04/23/2009 12:54PM 
Last Post by 6PTcU
Navy Yard Police 809  G.Pettibone  04/23/2009 12:13PM 
Last Post by Ticket
Great Sports Bar for Pizza and Beer in the area? 730  11  psublondie  04/23/2009 10:32AM 
Last Post by lortonguy
Xsport 751  10  Gym dork  04/23/2009 08:25AM 
Last Post by Some info
raves/festivals 695  ravehead  04/23/2009 08:25AM 
Last Post by party party
body found on FFX parkway at Stringfellow 1,470  23  mlm  04/22/2009 11:39PM 
Last Post by punk
Dale is Right on GateHouse II 1,303  48  Parents  04/22/2009 08:29PM 
Last Post by dono
Where can I buy guns around Fairfax?    Pages: 1 2 All 9,865  110  Bender  04/22/2009 05:10PM 
Last Post by Bill of Rights
Police Bugatti Veyron spotted on parkway 2,906  driver1  04/22/2009 05:04PM 
Last Post by 4fast4furious
Day Laborers 742  11  Z-pack  04/22/2009 02:41PM 
Last Post by TomMadison
Awesome bundle deal from Cox, it's about who you know! 1,500  36  Lightning  04/22/2009 02:37PM 
Last Post by Adam
best place to spot hot women: the new Harris Teeter in Tysons Corner. 1,611  13  gonefishing  04/22/2009 02:18PM 
Last Post by cville
Bush Trimming Question 819  496  04/22/2009 01:46PM 
Last Post by Bonfire
Police car v. motorcycle 2,181  30  BitchFace  04/22/2009 12:39PM 
Last Post by European
Reston Town Center Wine Festival April 25-26 741  South Lakes Mom  04/22/2009 08:36AM 
Last Post by Clobbersaurus
Awesome Thunderstorm Loud Bangs Chantilly 722  Rainmaker  04/22/2009 08:22AM 
Last Post by 496
O'tools 1,097  10  buddha  04/22/2009 12:02AM 
Last Post by KIMCHI
Best Plumber in FCC? 607  10  INeedHelp  04/21/2009 09:52PM 
Last Post by TomMadison
okay which of you morons drives the obama bumper sticker-mobile 1,071  23  local idiot  04/21/2009 06:36PM 
Last Post by GOP Mobile?
Fatty Foods Alert; Popeye's special for April 22, 2009 757  FUNdamental  04/21/2009 06:23PM 
Last Post by Lurker.
Bike to Mason Day 4/22/09 526  Yahweh  04/21/2009 04:57PM 
Last Post by Gravis
Zero Tolerance In Our Sister County 1,267  22  Farnsworth  04/21/2009 01:22PM 
Last Post by Nenty
Sedan Service 669  hmmok  04/21/2009 01:04PM 
Last Post by ITRADE
Coastal Flats 1,030  BOOBZ4NOOBZ  04/20/2009 08:27PM 
Last Post by Leigh K
Another homicide in Reston 1,296  11  Clobbersaurus  04/20/2009 06:23PM 
Last Post by graymoose
4:20 on 4/20 in FFX any Plans 819  Lefty  04/20/2009 05:02PM 
Last Post by CHS
which places shall I avoid 1,121  25  newcomer  04/20/2009 12:33PM 
Last Post by Mays
Fishing in FFX 600  Fisherman  04/20/2009 11:56AM 
Last Post by bass assassin
20/20 Debunks Self Defense Guns 1,824  85  Guin Nutz  04/20/2009 11:50AM 
Last Post by Spacy
. 754  13  slightlystoopid09  04/20/2009 11:49AM 
Last Post by Spacy
Most Deranged Poster 1,088  24  Deranged  04/20/2009 10:53AM 
Last Post by So $
Worst apartment complex in the county? 2,477  23  jimmy jingles  04/20/2009 10:50AM 
Last Post by Chantilly Crossing
Why did 663  neighbor  04/20/2009 09:42AM 
Last Post by Yankee Doodle Gook
apparently all the meth heads in this county are asian 819  un-fairfax aboveground  04/20/2009 08:41AM 
Last Post by 496
Any into "hookah" clubs -water pipe smoking 784  Rod  04/20/2009 08:19AM 
Last Post by Hookah
Reston Tax protest party- tea party 1,303  45  Rod  04/20/2009 06:16AM 
Last Post by sticker shock
Another Killing but this time in Maryland 660  Why  04/19/2009 10:10PM 
Last Post by Watcher23
In Defense of Virginia    Pages: 1 2 All 2,713  108  Lee  04/19/2009 09:52PM 
Last Post by Lee
police activity in Faircrest 701  spunkyfunk  04/19/2009 09:00PM 
Last Post by pgens
No insurance on a stored vehicle 904  student  04/19/2009 04:55PM 
Last Post by Take a Stand
WTF IS GOING ON IN BURKE 3,123  45  Turbo mirage  04/19/2009 02:33AM 
Last Post by ISPYU
Murder on American Idle 888  Clobbersaurus  04/18/2009 11:49PM 
Last Post by FXtheaternut
Anyone know what happend to this cop? 1,374  16  Slick  04/18/2009 12:53PM 
Last Post by umm hello?
how do cops determin if you have illegal tint or not? 10,985  32  bookfish  04/18/2009 11:48AM 
Last Post by obey the law and not get bothered
The Mike O Meara show 537  Ray C. Martin  04/18/2009 09:04AM 
Last Post by Hmmmm
Whats happened to the tanning salon in Vienna 741  pastygirl  04/18/2009 05:57AM 
Last Post by Dale is using it
Best gym in Fairfax 990  16  Seann  04/18/2009 02:07AM 
Last Post by Dork
After two years, we have prevailed... 1,251  26  VT_LOVE  04/18/2009 12:02AM 
Last Post by ForgetVT
How many British people in Fairfax? 994  47  Englishman  04/18/2009 12:02AM 
Last Post by lol
DMV/tags/title 1,392  Bounce House  04/17/2009 10:41PM 
Last Post by tubby
Property Damage Hit and Run - White Chevy pickup - Thursday night 4/16 (Kingstowne/Alexandria) 727  dcmidnight  04/17/2009 07:21PM 
Last Post by Pedroo
Really dark kid at falls church locked up again. (kon) 1,020  12  thinktank  04/17/2009 01:59PM 
Last Post by Bill Sykes
anyone heard anything new on the heroin sentences 1,407  25  just wondering  04/17/2009 01:00PM 
Last Post by WingNut
Looking for shhoting range near fairfax 683  13  Mark  04/17/2009 11:40AM 
Last Post by jmb_nova
FAIRFAX SKATEPARK 1,196  21  novaskater  04/17/2009 09:58AM 
Last Post by Crystal Shitty
Do FCPS officials monitor Fairfax Underground? 1,329  26  FUNdamental  04/17/2009 09:10AM 
Last Post by Spacy
Best CHINESE DELIVERY SERVICE? 778  Mr ROo  04/16/2009 10:16PM 
Last Post by thinktank
any details on the accident on lee chaple near ffx co pkwy 693  commuter  04/16/2009 09:24PM 
Last Post by 496
Greenbriar 7-11 997  VA  04/16/2009 09:05PM 
Last Post by Hoodlum
Blonde Cougar at Lucky and Bungalow in Kingstowne 3,329  21  Curious  04/16/2009 04:47PM 
Last Post by formerhick76
Does anyone actually think FCPS does, on the whole a decent to good job of educating children? 1,406  64  formerhick76  04/16/2009 01:37PM 
Last Post by Priam
knowledge test for renewing license 599  taylor  04/16/2009 07:53AM 
Last Post by Shadow
A Separate Fourm for FCPS 645  Non-Complainer  04/15/2009 11:43PM 
Last Post by FCPSUCKS
is "Amoo's House of Kabob" in Mclean any good? 1,178  25  Kabob  04/15/2009 10:47PM 
Last Post by Jebus
$144 Million Winning Powerball bought in DC unclaimed 927  11  Lurker.  04/15/2009 10:45PM 
Last Post by boredom
DO you guys have flashmobs here? or would they all get shot? 701  flashmobber  04/15/2009 09:59PM 
Last Post by 124C41
has there been any documented cases where having a concealed handgun permit in Fairfax County, or anywhere in Virginia, has saved someone's life? 1,336  35  tabasco  04/15/2009 05:03PM 
Last Post by Lawman
Yo I gotta question 1,354  16  coulter  04/15/2009 04:07PM 
Last Post by jhey
Which is a better school? 1,715  19  student  04/15/2009 12:59PM 
Last Post by another adjunct at gmu
fairfax sexual assault 695  fonda, j  04/15/2009 11:25AM 
Last Post by Tactical Masturbation
Drinking Pool Water 759  Gaylord Smelly  04/15/2009 11:04AM 
Last Post by Hotel. Motel. Holiday Inn Express.
Scott Chronsiter FairfaxCaps.org Director Investigated 2,616  32  James  04/15/2009 10:03AM 
Last Post by Don't Forget to Give
news vans in greenbriar 697  mike  04/15/2009 07:32AM 
Last Post by umm hello?
Tint and Detail 588  Skiiez  04/15/2009 12:33AM 
Last Post by This TOO
FUN ON WEEKDAYS 701  act of fun  04/14/2009 09:24PM 
Last Post by std
FCPD Kills guy with Knife 1,510  17  IHOP  04/14/2009 04:45PM 
Last Post by Gravis
Photography in Fairfax? 5,200  22  Shiruguy  04/14/2009 04:22PM 
Last Post by slightlystoopid09
who thinks CEE GEE AYE is ruining films 614  MrMen  04/14/2009 02:57PM 
Last Post by mr men
24 filming in Vienna 879  13  Jack Bauer  04/14/2009 02:12PM 
Last Post by jack "mezcal & sol" bauer
Damn Kids and Paintballs 1,578  15  Yahweh  04/14/2009 11:30AM 
Last Post by pinballwizard
Officer Shoots, Kills Suspect in Vienna Area 666  nfa  04/14/2009 08:01AM 
Last Post by pgens
FCPD waste of tax dollars.... 994  31  angryman  04/14/2009 07:44AM 
Last Post by Reality Check
Should be burn excess homes in an effort to stabilize the economy? 850  24  Justin  04/13/2009 06:52PM 
Last Post by KeepOnTruckin
suprised i never saw this in the news ???? 947  joe woa  04/13/2009 02:21PM 
Last Post by fairfaxdude
WP: Fairfax Teen Busted For Birth Control 1,724  62  curious  04/13/2009 02:12PM 
Last Post by AboogaBoogaBoo.....
FiOS in FFXCO 885  18  tubby  04/13/2009 11:44AM 
Last Post by hear me now?
What FCPS is the worst based on performance? 680  Tell me  04/13/2009 11:27AM 
Last Post by MV Dad
Impeding flow of traffic 709  12  Possible?  04/13/2009 10:17AM 
Last Post by Numbers
she crab soup anyone 1,166  where  04/13/2009 09:19AM 
Last Post by Jill
Top BIZARRE Offenses on FU: 1,446  31  curious  04/13/2009 09:07AM 
Last Post by Shadow
Easy state inspection locale? 720  11  SH  04/13/2009 07:45AM 
Last Post by SBS
Alliance for Herndon's Future LLC - a very "interesting" group 605  Junes  04/12/2009 05:19PM 
Last Post by Junes
Longboarding 659  Rich  04/12/2009 04:15PM 
Last Post by ferfux
Hey Fairfax! Get ready for the $2,500.00 speeding ticket! 1,138  13  LeadFoot  04/12/2009 07:51AM 
Last Post by boredom
Car Accident on Braddock by Ravensworth Shopping Center - Saturday Afternoon 880  Jay  04/11/2009 11:24PM 
Last Post by Bonfire
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